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Why Is Graves In MW3?

Phillip Graves has appeared in MW3, and fans online are wondering about two main questions: How and Why?

This is because everyone saw this character’s death in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

The ‘How’ part of Phillip Graves’s death is already explained via the new teaser. However, it is still unknown why this character is back in Modern Warfare 3.

Continue reading this article to find answers to these questions.

Who Is Phillip Graves?

Phillip Graves is one of the most renowned characters in the Call Of Duty Franchise.

He is the CEO of a company called Shadow Company which was introduced in Call Of Duty: MW2.

Additionally, he is a mercenary for this company who only works with the highest bidders.

Philip Graves In Call Of Duty
Phillip Graves in Call Of Duty.

His role in Call of Duty MW2 was influential because he formed a close bond with the main character.

However, graves betray the main character of the story, which leads to a fight between them.

This is because the players discover it was because of Graves which led to the nuclear loss incident.

Further, he tries to mask it by betraying the Task Force 141 group, which includes the main character.

Grave’s journey ends in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 when his tank explodes during a scene.

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Why Is Graves Still Alive In MW3?

As aforementioned, graves was caught up in the tank explosion in the previous COD game.

However, Call of Duty fans are shocked after Graves was teased to be alive in the teaser.

According to the teaser online, it was discovered that Graves was not inside the exploding tank.

Further, Graves confirms this by explaining that he was not actually present inside the Tank.

Explanation To Why Graves Is Alive In MW3
Explanation Of Why Graves Is Alive In MW3

This has led the entire COD community to theorize why and how he is still alive.

One plausible theory on the internet is that the truck was being remotely controlled the whole time.

Furthermore, his voice inside the truck was simulated using a broadcasting device.

Hence, it would make sense why Graves is still alive in Modern Warfare 3.

Nevertheless, players must wait until a piece of official news is released about his revival.

Also, note that Graves was a very popular figure for the COD MW2 storyline.

Therefore, Activision might want to return this character to spice up the storyline in Modern Warfare 3.

What Could Be Graves’s Role In The Game?

Graves’ return in MW3 brings an element of surprise to the game for everyone.

In the teaser, Graves is already speaking with Makarov and Alex, which is already an exciting encounter.

Therefore, it would be a joy to watch Grave’s interaction with the rest of the Task Force 141 members.

Other Characters's Interaction With Graves In MW3
Other Characters’s Interaction with Graves in MW3.

Also, there are no other hints in the teaser that describe Grave’s role in the storyline.

However, he will likely work with General Shepherd again, just like in Modern Warfare 2.

Some players are already speculating about another betrayal from Graves in Modern Warfare 3.

While others believe that this would be Grave’s character redemption story in Modern Warfare 3.

But no matter the events that unfold in the future, Graves’s revival brings all the attention to the game.

With a deep grudge against Task Force 141, his return brings a new layer of conflict to the story.

In summary, Graves’ presence in Modern Warfare 3 adds complexity to the story and hints at intense plot developments.

The Bottom Line

Graves has become the focal point of the discussion in the COD community after the release of the recent trailer.

Also, his revival in the franchise would not only help to boost sales of MW3 but also bring old players into the game.

Nonetheless, the plot in Modern Warfare 2 has captivated the whole Call of Duty community.

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