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Discover The High Security Vaults In BG3

As you explore Baldur’s Gate 3, you can find many intriguing things such as puzzles, Vaults, and amazing rewards.

Further, these Vaults require a vault key and a puzzle to open; located in the central bank.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, High-Security Vaults are located at the Counting house, which needs a Vault key. Furthermore, the player has to solve the puzzle to open the Vault and get exciting rewards.

Continue reading the article to discover how to open the High-Security Vaults in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Are High-Security Vaults In BG3?

High-Security Vault in BG3 is a Highly Secure Vault that players must open with the Vault key and solve the puzzle.

There are two types of Vaults, one Regular and another High Security.

Furthermore, the High-Security Vaults is the one that needs a specific key to open the Vault.

This Vault is located in the Counting House on the southern portion of the Lower City.

However, players must have a Vault pass to get Inside The Counting House by the front gate.

It can be obtained from the Head Clerk Meadhoney.

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How To Get Too High-Security Vaults?

As you enter the Counting House, you’ll notice small Vaults, some protected by magic. However, you need to focus on one at the end of the corridor.

This Vault requires you to solve a puzzle, and to solve it; you need to head to the Head Banker’s office.

Unfortunately, two sentries will guard it, so you must be sneaky. Here are the steps on how to get the code;

  1. Use Astarion since he has the team’s highest Stealth and Sleight hand skills.
  2. You need to ensure the party is ungrouped, then use the Greater Invisibility spell on Astarion to cross the hallway undetected.
  3. Then, lockpick the door and enter the Head Banker’s Office. Read the book about an event in the year 1356, which is the code to unlock the Vault.

As you return to the Counting House Vault and observe the floor panel, symbols represent the code’s number.

Here is the step to solve the Vault puzzle using the code;

  1. Ungroup the party so each member can move freely.
  2. Make one member stand on the symbol on the top left.
  3. Then, make a second member stand on the symbol on the top right
  4. Again, make a third member stand on the symbol in the center.
  5. Finally, make a third member stand on the symbol right center.
High Security Vaults
The player needs to align the members in the 1356 pattern.

This should light up all four blue lights, allowing you to pass through and continue the quest.

Other High-Security Vaults

Besides that Vault, there are nine other High-Security Vaults in Counting House.

This total of 9 Vaults needs nine keys you can grab before unlocking all the loot or getting them as you progress in the game.

Here are the Vault key’s location and reward as follows;

1. Vault 1 

This key opens the regular Vault like the Counting House Vault 1 Key.

It can be found in Captain Grisly in the Blushing Mermaid basement.

You can find Nymph Cloak, a Spell Savant Amulet, and 40 Gold.

High Security Vaults
Pickpocket Captain Grisly for the first key.

2. Vault 2

Head to Lady Jannath’s Estate and pickpocket Lady Jannath. Then, you’ll find the Vault 2 Key.

This Vault consists of the Perfumed Days, Jannath’s Hat, Passionate Nights book, a Gold Pendant, a Verdelite Ring, a Gold Ring, and 80 Gold.

High Security Vaults
Pickpocket Lady Jannath for the second key.

3. Vault 3

High security vault no 3 is one of the Vaults in the Counting House.

The Counting House is a bank that belongs to the Zhentarim, a faction of mercenaries and criminals.

High security vault no 3 belongs to Szarr, a Zhentarim leader who is involved in a plot to overthrow the Grand Duke of Baldur’s Gate.

You should have gotten the third key after exploring the Cazador’s Palace.

Then, at the end, interact with the Cazafor Szarr’s coffine to loot the key.

This Vault contains the Heavy Crossbow: Long Arm of the Gur, a Verdelite Ring, a Gold Ring, a Peridot Ring, a Silver Amulet, and 80 Gold.

To access the vault, the player needs to find the vault key n3, obtained from a boss named Kreeg or a chest in the Water Queen’s House.

Vault 3
Loot the Cazador Coffin for the third key.

4. Vault 4

The fourth key is inside the chest of Water Queen’s house.

Moreover, you must sneak and use invisibility through the double doors to reach the abundant chest.

This Vault has four pearl Necklaces, the Trident of the Waves, and 40 Gold.

Vault 4
You can get this key in Water Queen’s house.

5. Vault 5

You can get the fifth Vault key for the Gortash’s Safe.

It is located on the top floor of Wrym Rock Fortress, and you have to kill Lord Enver Gortash to get the safe.

Then, you will get a Father’s Diary, the Ravegard’s Scourger, and 80 Gold inside the Vault.

Vault 5
You have to kill Lord Enver Gortash to get this key.

6. Vault 6

For the sixth Vault, you need to explore the lower level of the Iron Throne Prison.

Then, make a way to the upper left corner of the map, where you can find the chest with the Vault key.

The Vault contains the To Take Control book, the Astral Prism Heist book,  the Shield Steward Interrogation Logbook, the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen, and 225 Gold.

vault 6
Players must go to the Iron Throne prison Jewellery Box with the key.

7. Vault 7

It can be found with Nine Fingers Keene in the Guildhall of Nine Finger Office.

Furthermore, you must sneak up on him to pickpocket and grab the Vault key.

This Vault contains Knock Knuckle Gloves, a Heavy Chest containing toys, and 80 Gold.

Vault 7
Pickpocket Nine Fingers Keene to get this key.

8. Vault 8

You must win against Viconia DeVir to get this key and break into the House of Grief.

Then, grab the loot of Viconia’s Personal Chest Key, go to the Dormitory and find the Jewellery Box on the dresser for the Vault key.

This Vault contains items such as The Patriar Blackmail Files, the Skeletons in Patriar Closets book, an Onyx Ring, a Silver Necklace, an Amethyst Ring, a Diamond, and 40 Gold.

Vault 8
Navigate to the Dormitory and find the Jewellery Box with the Vault key.

9. Vault 9

The last Vault key can be obtained from Rakatha inside the Counting House.

Therefore, as part of Act 3 with Jaheira, you can enter the Vault area.

High Security Vaults
Pickpocket Rakatha to unlock the final safe which is inside the giant vault.

Finally, this is how you can find all nine vault keys in the Counting House.

The Bottom Line

High-Security Vault is located at the Counting House which provides amazing rewards.

However, the player must find different keys to open those Vaults.

Therefore, keep exploring for many rewards and interesting items in BalBaldur’ste 3.

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