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Whom To Choose: Stone Lord Vs. Guild In BG3?

The Stone Lord Vs. Guild fight is seen in one of the Quests in BG3.

Players can track the battling group on the Beach near the Rivington.

In the Stone Lord Vs Guild Fight battle in BG3, choosing Lord will give players an advantage in future events. The Fight appears in the Aid the Underduke Quest; players can make the Lord one of the Companions upon completing it. 

Continue Reading to extract the exact location and know the best between Stone Lord and Guild.  

 Stone Lord Vs. Guild: The Battle

The Stone Lord Vs Guild is the battle between two bands in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moreover, the battle appears in the Aid the Underduke Quests. 

The Group can be seen on the beach alongside the Rivington

Further, two Drunk members of Nine-fingers followers’ Guild attack the Stone Lord in the Counting House. 

However, Players must complete Act 2 and explore the northern part of Faerun to reach the fighting location.

Players can opt to choose either one side or defeat both the Rival groups.

Who Are Stone Lord and Guild?

The Stone Lord is one of the important NPC in BG3 that guides Players for future events.

Players can find Stone Lord in the sewers of the Lower City.

However, the gang members of the Stone Lord are found batting the Guild Group.

On the other hand, Guilds are the local thieves gangs that rival the Stone Lord.

The Guilds are the followers of the Nine-fingers, the criminal organization.

Moreover, Ninefingers worries about the Stone Lord entering her territory and tells her followers to ambush him.

Whom To Choose: Stone Lord Vs. Guild?

If Players cannot choose a specific group, aiding the Stone Lord is best for future events.

However, Players must have Jaheira as their companion to save the Stone Lord. 

To save the Stone Lord, players must knock him down.

However, the final blow on the Minsc should be non-lethal to recruit him as a companion.

But if Players opt to beat the Minsc Lord, Jaheira will no longer be the Player’s companion.

To progress through different missions, Jaheria is definitely necessary, so it is better not to lose her and help Stone Lord.

How To Aid The Underduke?

Players who are willing to aid the Stone Lord from the Guild members ensure to follow the procedure;

  1. Interact with the Earspoon Sharess Caress in the Visit the Guildhall’s Revealed Entrance.
Revealed Entrance Guildhall
Extract the Entrance in the Guildhall.
  1. Search for the Guildhall Bar inside the location and meet with Nine-fingers.
Interact with Nine-fingers in her office.
  1. Head to the Counting House and approach the Head Clerk Meadhoney for the Vault Pass
Counting House
Head to the Counting House.
  1. Show the Bank Pass to guards to pass through the Iron fence and reach the Vault.
stone lord valve
Show the Bank Pass to reach the Vault.
  1. Read the Cleaning Staff Note and solve the Puzzle to open the Iron Door.
stone lord vs guild bg3
Solve the Puzzle to open the Iron Door.
  1. Visit Lower City sewer’s Abandoned Cistern and adjust the Water valve to open the Sluice Gate.
stone lord vs guild bg3
Solve the Sluice Gate Riddle by adjusting the Water Valve.
  1. Follow the Tunnel path to rescue the Stone Lord.
stone lord vs guild bg3
Rescue the Stone Lord from the Tunnel.

Furthermore, after opting to save the Stone Lord, Players should interact with the Night-fingers again in her office.

The Bottom Line

The Stone Lord Vs Guild fight appears in the Aid The Underduke Quest.

Players can opt to help the Stone Lord if they want him as a companion and need assistance on Future events.

Otherwise, Players can beat the Stone Lord in the sewers and take the side of the Guilds bu will lose Jaheraia as a consequence.

Continue Exploring to Destroy the Cursed Skull and Cure Petrification in BG3.
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