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Explore All Hiking Moms Rewards In Monopoly Go

Many players are curious about the Hiking Moms rewards in Monopoly Go.

The rewards may come in handy to level up and help in build throughout the game.

If players manage to finish all the milestones of the Hiking Moms event in Monopoly Go, they will get 1200 dice rolls. For the top three finish, players will get a 5-star golden purple, 4-star golden blue pack, 3-star golden pink sticker pack, dice rolls, and cash.

Continue reading to learn about the Hiking Mom event and the tournament’s reward in Monopoly Go.

Hiking Moms In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go often comes up with exciting events and new ideas to enhance the user experience and help them get more rewards.

Like other tournaments like Creative Accounting and Pumpin Prowls, Hiking Moms runs for a short period.

If players rank higher in the leaderboard on the Hiking Moms event, they can earn exclusive rewards.

Players can earn golden sticker packs and thousands of dice rolls for a higher finish in the event.

Monopoly Go Hiking Moms Rewards

The Monopoly Go, Hiking Mom event has 25 milestones players can complete.

Those players who complete all the milestones will get 1200 dice rolls to take on players.

Players must collect maximum points to hold the higher; they need some luck and spend most of their time on the game.

The Shutdown and Bank heist will gradually make a way to complete short milestones and get the rewards.

For every Shutdown blocked, players will get 2 points, and Shutdown success will grant 4 points.

Shutdown in Monopoly Go
Players get four pints for shutdown success.

On the other hand, for Small Bank Hesist and Large Bank Heist, players will receive 3 and 6 points.

hiking moms rewards monopoly go
Perform the Bank Heist.

Lastly, if players secure the Bankruptcy, they will get 8 staggering points.

If players manage to secure the Shutdown and Bank Heist and manage to stay on the top leaderboard, they will get the following rewards;

 1. First Rank

The players who manage to rank at the peak of the leaderboard upon completion of the event will get a 5-star golden purple sticker pack.

Moreover, players will receive a sure-shot reward of a 5-star golden token alone and 800 dice.

2. Second Rank

The second-rank finish rewards are a bit underwhelming compared to the first-rank, but players receive a decent bonus for their time.

Players will obtain a 4-star golden blue pack, ensuring a 4-star golden token in the tournament.

Lastly, players will get 500 dice rolls to engage in attacks and progression in Monopoly Go.

3. Third Rank

Players will receive a 3-star golden pink sticker pack, which may not be as valuable as a purple and blue pack but still has loads of worth.

Moreover, 400 dice rolls is another reward players can get in the Hiking Moms event.

List Of Other Hiking Moms Reward

Here is the list of All Hiking Moms tournament sticker packs and dice rolls;

  • Rank 4: Golden Yellow Sticker Pack and 400 dice
  • Rank 5: Pink Sticker Pack and 250 dice
  • Rank 6: 200 dice
  • Rank 7: 150 dice
  • Rank 8: 100 dice
  • Rank 9: 75 dice
  • Rank 10: 50 dice

Players will receive cash, which may vary from player to player, but definitely, they are in thousands.

Till the rank 15 players will receive about 25 dice rolls; below 15 rank, they will only receive some cash depending upon their ratings.

The Bottom Line

Players can engage in many Monopoly Go tournaments if they are regular players as few events are required.

Thankfully, the Hiking Momns event won’t require any experience but is a short event, hence, players must engage highly to get rewards.

So, players should try their luck and achieve exclusive rewards that can come in handy for builds taking enemies’ territory.

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