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Monopoly Go Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal: How To Obtain It?

Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal is a limited deal launched by Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, this deal is launched once a week and guarantees up to 6 Stickers.

To obtain the Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal,  players must purchase it in the store, which will be available for a limited time. However, players can participate in the ongoing tournament or event to get only the Missing Sticker pack.

This article will discuss the Stickers and how to obtain a Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal.

What Is Stickers In Monopoly Go?

Stickers are one of the collectibles in Monopoly Go, and there are more than 160 stickers.

Additionally, collecting the stickers can boost your performance.

As you complete the stickers album, you will get an exciting reward.

This includes cash and discs, precious rewards in Monopoly Go.

Also, you can get one of the three unique game tokens that can be exchanged with traditional pieces.

Players can earn the sticker by playing the in-game events and completing challenges.

However, players cannot buy stickers like cash and dice directly from the shop.

Sticker Album
Players can access the Sticker Album which shows the stickers you collected.

Therefore, to complete your stickers album, you must participate in as many in-game activities as possible.

Although, some stickers can be missed or very hard for you to find.

What Is a Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal?

Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal is a weekly deal in Monopoly Go.

This offer includes a missing sticker pack and tons of dice.

Furthermore, players will get five stickers for their album and one new sticker they don’t own.

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How To Obtain A Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal?

Players can obtain the Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal in two methods.

1. Purchase From The Shop

On the other hand, players can purchase the Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal from the shop.

Furthermore, this deal will cost you about $30, and this deal is only available from time to time weekly.

Therefore, players willing to spend money on the game are recommended to purchase this deal.

Monopoly Go Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal
Players can get the deal within a limited time for $30.

2. Participating In Tournament And Event

This method is only for obtaining the missing sticker pack.

Furthermore, the game frequently releases tournaments or events, and participating in them can reward you with exciting things.

This is also one way to obtain the Guaranteed Missing Sticker pack.

However, the event will have a time limit, so make sure you complete the tournament on time.

All Other Sticker Packs In Monopoly Go

The Missing Sticker Pack is just one of the new packs introduced in the game.

You can purchase or obtain several packs in the game by participating in different events and tournaments.

Here is the list of all the Sticker packs and ways to obtain them;

  • One-star Guaranteed pack: You can find this pack anywhere since it is widespread.
  • 2-star Guaranteed pack: You get this pack if you get in the top 10 in any tournament or other events.
  • 3-star Guaranteed pack: Must be in 3-5 position in some tournament or other event.
  • 4-star Guaranteed pack: You must be high in the tournament to get this pack.
  • 5-star guaranteed pack: Similar to the 4-star guaranteed pack, you have a finished tournament in a high place.
  • One-star gold Guaranteed pack: You can obtain it from Wheel Spin, daily rewards and other activities.
  • 2-star gold Guaranteed pack: Obtain from completing five boards.
  • 3-star gold Guaranteed pack: You can get these from the 2500-point sticker vault, and it is also a prize from some tournaments.
  • 4-star gold Guaranteed pack: Some events offer these as milestone rewards, and tournaments award them as the first prize.
  • 5-star gold Guaranteed pack: Some tournaments will reward you with this pack or placing on top.

The Bottom Line

Guaranteed Missing Sticker Deal is a limited-time offer that provides players with a Guaranteed Sticker that they don’t own.

Players can obtain this deal mainly by purchasing from the shops for $30.

Furthermore, if players only want the Missing Sticker, they can get it by participating in some event or tournament.

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