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Rolling For Riches: Monopoly Go Creative Accounting Event

After the Pumpkin Prowl event, Monopoly Go has revealed another event called Creative Accounting.

Players can obtain 41 rewards in this event by collecting points and progressing through each level.

Creative Accounting in Monopoly Go is a way to earn points by landing on Chance, Community, and Railroad squares. Moreover, you will also gain some rewards, such as dice rolls, money, sticker packs, and blue and gold-guaranteed sticker packs.

Continue reading to learn more about Creative Accounting, how to play, and its rewards.

What Is Creative Accounting In Monopoly Go?

Creative Accounting is a special event where players can earn rewards by landing on specific game board spaces.

Basically, these spaces include Chance, Community Chest, and Railroads.

Landing on these spaces will offer you points which can be used to unlock various prizes including stickers and extra dice rolls.

However, the more points you earn, the higher your level and the better the rewards you can claim.

Be aware of your opponents’ positions on the board as well.

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How To Play Creative Accounting In Monopoly Go?

By following these steps, you can effectively play Creative Accounting in Monopoly Go and have a chance to win rewards.

1. Land On Special Spaces

Firstly, look for the Creative Accounting event and participate in it.

Then roll the dice and move around the board.

The main goal is to land on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad squares to earn points.

Landing on the special Spaces will provide you with the following points:

Chance: 2 points
Community Chest: 3 points
Railroads: 5 points
monopoly go creative accounting
You can earn rewards by landing on these points.

2. Use Dice Multipliers

Keep landing on the special spaces to accumulate points.

Likewise, use Dice Multipliers to increase the number of points you earn.

It can be purchased with in-game currency or earned through rewards.

Additionally, be strategic about your movement around the board.

You can use different dice multipliers to how close you are to a Chance, Community Chest, and Railroads.

In case you are not close to one of the special spaces, consider using a Dice Multiplier to move yourself closer to one.

3. Claim Your Rewards

The ultimate goal is to earn as many points as possible to get the best prizes offered in the event.

As you unlock points, you can use them to unlock various rewards, such as sticker packs, money, extra dice rolls, and more.

Rewards After Completing Creative Accounting In Monopoly Go

Here is the list of rewards you can earn after completing the Creative Accounting event in Monopoly Go.

MilestonePointsRewards List
125Green Sticker Pack
412555 Dice
650Green Sticker Pack
8350160 Dice
1090Green Sticker Pack
12800400 Dice
13125Yellow Sticker Pack
161.3k650 Dice
18200Pink Sticker Pack
202k1k Dice, Yellow Sticker Pack
22275Yellow Sticker Pack
23400130 Dice
241,000Money, 250 Dice
25500150 DIce
26600Blue Sticker Pack
284,0001.6k Dice
311,500Blue Sticker Pack
338,0003.2k Dice, Pink Sticker Pack
353,000Pink Sticker Pack
363,5001k Dice
376,000Money, 650 Dice
394,500Blue and Gold Sticker Pack
4116,000Blue and Gold Sticker Pack, 16k Dice
Final MilestoneBlue and Gold Sticker Pack and 6.5k Dice

The Bottom Line

Since the Creative Accounting event has specific start and end dates, ensure you play during the active period.

Try to invest more time to earn exclusive rewards and get to the top of the leaderboards.

These rewards can improve your gameplay, allowing you to complete collections and gain advantages.

Have Fun!

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