21 Elegant and Functional Home Office Ideas for Women

The trends in furniture, color patterns, and themes are ever-changing. Unfortunately, this can confuse you while setting up your home office.

Specifically, we ladies like our workspace well decorated and trendy.

To set up a home office for women, you can start by choosing the right color theme, wall decorations, furniture, etc. Similarly, the pastel shades, DIY decors, functional organizers, and aesthetic themes for home offices generally are more suited for women’s home offices.

Work area set up mostly reflects our personality, and it is quite important as we spend most of our time working in it.

So if you want to set up your home office to project your feminine side, then you are in the right place.

This article will guide you through selecting every aspect of the home office ranging from decorations to furniture.

21 Elegant and Functional Home Office Ideas for Women in 2022

Home office setup requires choosing all the materials for the office as per your needs. Let’s go through each aspect in detail.

1. Choose a Feminine Color

The color of the wall, furniture, and decors can be coordinated to create a theme for your home office.

Generally, the color pink is associated with a feministic look. However, you can choose any color palette that suits your taste.

Vibrant pink and red shades were popular wall color choices in the ’80s. However, the interior choice has shifted to include a more subtle and minimalistic color palate.

It’s all about the mix and match of colors. For example, you can use an off-white theme with subtle hints of pink and rose gold as in the picture.

Pink White Home Office Setup for women
Pink White Home Office Setup (Source: Shelterness)

Refer to the table to find out what different colors represent

BlueCalm and cool
White Clean and calm
PinkFeminine and innocence
RedHigh energy
YellowOptimism and brightness
GreenRelaxing and calm
OrangeWarmth and vibrance
GreyClassy and formal
PurpleComfort and Luxury

Quick Fact: Off white tones makes the room look spacious.

The article  What is the Best Wall Color for Home Office? Provides additional information on wall colors.

Softer tones make the home office appear more feminine. The recommended feminine wall colors are blush pink, coral, lilac, Aqua, Mint, Beige, Peach, Rose, etc.

If you are looking for feminine yet unique color themes, then shades like pastel purple, bleached olive, blush, and salmon would be perfect.

2. Decorate your Home Office with Pillows

Comfort is the key to improving work productivity. Throw some pillows with color tones to match your workspace’s aesthetics can be visually appealing and comfortable for work.

Colorful pillows go well with any feminine workspace. These can be placed in chairs for an extra cozy feel during cold winters.

A pillow placed to your back while working also supports the back and prevents back pain issues.

Colorful Pillows for Home Office
Colorful Pillows for Home Office (Source: Amazon)

You can buy great quality Colorful Pillows for your chair from Amazon.

Artworks in the workspace as wall decor or desk decor can spice up your workspace. These make the workspace look aesthetic.

If you are artistic, it’s best to put your abilities into use by painting or sketching pictures for your workspace.

Don’t worry if you can’t make your artwork because there are multiple options available to choose from, which are both beautiful and budget-friendly.

For example, beautiful sets of floral artworks and leaf paintings can be found online. However, if you want something feminine yet unique, artworks on illustrations of women would be more empowering.

4. Lighting for Home Office

Lighting can completely transform the workspace.  You can adjust both natural and artificial lightings to match the home office aesthetics.

Artificial lights like desks, Under shelves, and String lights can make your workspace cozier and look more feminine.

Some recommendations for lighting up your feminine home office are as mentioned below:

  • String lights are the most commonly used lights in a women’s home office that are available in multiple colors like warm, white, blue, yellow, etc.
  • You can place string lights on your walls, pinboard, desk, curtains, shelves, etc. Also, you can shape it to your wish, make a heart shape or star shape out of the lights to make it more feminine.
  • You can also buy cute animal plushie lights for your desk like this cat light.
  • LED light strips can be added under the wall shelves for extra lighting to your beautiful home office.
  • This LED desk lamp in pink would go [efectly with your feminine home office.
Cute Kitty Light for Women's Home Office
Cute Kitty Light for Women’s Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Read the article How to Choose the Desk Light for Home Office? for more ideas on choosing the perfect desk light.

5. A Beautiful Wall Decor

Wall decors elevate the look of your home office. Decors don’t have to be exquisite or expensive; if you like DIY’s, then you can convert anything into the decor.

For example, if you are a 90’s kid, use the old CDs to paint and hang them as wall decors.

  • Use a pinboard or bulletin board on your office wall. It makes hanging artwork and other decorative and functional stuff like reminders or pictures easier.
  • Get a tapestry to hang in your home office to create a vintage look. Something like this sun and moon tapestry would go perfectly with light-colored walls.
  • Macrame decors or wall hangings are perfect for Boho-themed home offices.
  • You can also make your macrame decors. They are available in a wall hanging, shelves, Plant holders, etc., that would match the feminine themed office.
  • Inspirational quotes with calligraphic fonts and decors hung on the wall make the home office look more feminine.
  • Metal wall grid colored pink or rose gold is perfect for pinning cute pictures on the wall. They look quite pretty by themselves too.
Sun and Moon Tapestry
Sun and Moon Tapestry (Source: Amazon)

6. Add Some Greenery to your Home Office

Plants add life to your workspace. There are various indoor plants available that thrive in low sunlight and require very little maintenance.

  • Snake plants require very little sunlight and only need watering once a month.
  • Hanging plants are a great addition to cabinets or high furniture. Neon pathos is among the hanging plants that look great in the home office for women.
  • Thick leaves of Succulents stores enough water to last a week. Succulents look great when added to the work desk.
  • If you love flowers, African violets are the perfect choice to add color to your workplace.

Ceramic plant pots and marble printed pots are quite a trend currently among females. They come in cute shapes like this head design, making the succulent plants look like cornrows.

If you want multiple cute plant pots in your office, you can also get the cement plant pots that are tiny and cute.

Female Head Plant Pot
Female Head Plant Pot (Source: Amazon)

Get this beautiful Female Head Pot on Amazon.

7.  Hang Floral Feminine Curtains

The color and fabric of the curtains should be carefully chosen for the home office.

You might be tempted to buy silk or velvet curtains that feel great and provides a classy look. However, there are great fabric options like cotton and faux silk that are easy to maintain.

In addition, they are available in great pastel shades and prints like floral and leaf prints which make your workspace more feminine.

Beautiful Floral Curtains for Feminine Home Office
Beautiful Floral Curtains for Feminine Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Buy this Beautiful Floral Curtain on Amazon.

Find out about home office window treatments from the article Best Window Treatments For Home Office.

8. Furniture Selection

Long-term furniture for the home office like chairs and desks should be chosen carefully as they are rarely replaced soon.

Choose a Feminine Desk for your Home Office

Desk for a home office is available in many deks materials like wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc. Firstly, determine your aesthetic or theme to choose the perfect desk.

  • Hardwood desks like oak, ash, walnut, etc., are perfect for rustic themes and give the office a classic look.
  • If you like your desk colorful with different colors like shades of pink, you can choose a wood veneer desk and paint it over.
  • The glass desk pairs up well with acrylic chairs.

You can get this white Milano functional desk for your home office from Amazon.

For choosing the right color for your desk, go through this article; What Color Desk should you Get for Home Office?

White Office Desk
White Office Desk (Source: Unsplash)

To know the details about desk materials, read the article, What Desk Materials are Best for a Home Office Desk?

Choose a Comfortable and Feminine Chair

Acrylic desk chairs are ideal for feminine offices since they make the rest of your decoration shine out.

It performs the purpose of providing a seat without overwhelming the room’s other aesthetic components. It will also allow you to change the decor of the space later if you want.

You can also get a fancy chair that matches the office color palate. A simple chair can also look chic with the addition of a faux fur rug or some throw pillows.

You need to use lumbar-supporting ergonomic office chairs if you work long hours. This feature is also available in more feminine-looking chairs.

They aren’t as attractive as the delicate chairs with tapestry backs and seats, but functionality should always take precedence over form in this case.

Ergonomic Pink Office Chair for Women
Ergonomic Pink Office Chair for Women (Source: Amazon)

This particular lumbar support chair in pink and white is functional as well as feminine.

Ergonomic chairs also have a tilt mechanism for back support. For more details, read the article How does Office Chair Forward Tilt Mechanism Work?

9. Get a Beautiful Feminine Carpet/Rug

If you have a home office or a separate work area, a well-placed rug can serve to designate it truly. To accomplish this, you’ll need a rug that fits your desk space neatly.

A good rule of thumb is to approach it as if it were a tiny dining room and make sure your working desk and seat are adequately supported by the rug you chose.

Make sure your desk is centered on the rug and has enough space around it for your chair to remain on the rug when it is pulled out.

Warm, earthy, natural, and natural styles will remain popular in 2021. Rugs and carpets are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

If you want something bright and dazzling, this will also give your home office a burst of color, giving it a feminine touch.

Fur rugs, Printed carpets, and plain colored rugs like pastel pink or light yellow make the home office look feminine.

Faux Fur Rug
Faux Fur Rug (Source: Amazon)

10. Storage Areas for your Home Office

The storage area for the home office can be set up in multiple ways. Using shelves has been popular for home office since older days.

However, current trends make use of shelves attached to walls to limit the space taken by shelves.

Wooden shelves mounted on the wall or cabinets would be perfect for your home office. Also, the decors can be placed on the top.

For a feminine touch, paint it in shades like pastel pink, peach, or in combination with off-white.

Pink Shelf Home Office
Pink Shelf Home Office (Source: Unsplash)

If you don’t want to spend money on them, you can also use bamboo baskets or plain plastic cabinets to store stuff and place them under the office desk.

11. Use Wallpapers to Decorate your Walls

Wallpapers are easy to apply and are very durable. To make your home office more feminine, you can choose lighter shades with designs like floral prints.

You can also opt-out for textured wallpapers if you like the minimalist style.

Due to its adaptability, vinyl-based wallpaper is the most common alternative in wall coverings. It’s simple to put together, take apart, and clean.

Beautiful Pink Floral Wallpaper for your Feminine Home Office
Beautiful Pink Floral Wallpaper for your Feminine Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Floral wallpaper murals will provide a feminine touch to your home office. There is no need for artwork because the wallpaper is the star of the show!

Wooden accents and furniture, as well as antique brass accessories, help to warm up the area.

12. Add a Decorative Mirror

Using several unique mirrors, design your own mirrored wall. Make your creative design by hanging the mirrors in a grid style.

If you don’t have a window to reflect light into, dark rooms remain dark and unpleasant.

Even if the light isn’t natural, you can use many wall mirrors to reflect it and brighten the environment. Place these in strategic locations to optimize and direct the light’s angle.

Orante Mirror Rose Gold
Ornate Mirror Rose Gold (Source: Unsplash)

Wall-mounted Ornate mirrors add to the feminine glam in the home office.

You can also place geometric mirrors with golden metal frames; this goes well with other feminine decors. Round and hexagonal mirrors make the office wall look more feminine.

Read about: How do Mirrors Help in Making Your Home Office Look Better?

13. Humidifier for your Cozy Workspace

Keep your skin glowing and perfect by using a humidifier. Using a humidifier will not only help your skin preserve enough moisture but will also improve the body’s overall hydration.

Most people keep humidifiers in their bedroom areas. Nevertheless, a home office is where you spend most of your daytime, and it’s a good idea to place a desk humidifier in your workspace to keep your skin healthy.

A desk humidifier is a type of evaporator that is used to keep an office atmosphere clean. In dry weather, the humidifier also provides moisture to the air, making it easier to breathe.

This cute cactus humidifier also doubles as desk decor.

Cactus Humdifier
Cactus Humidifier (Source: Amazon)

14. Desk organizers

To make any desk look feminine and aesthetic, the first step is to declutter your desk. Various desk organizers also look super cute.

  • These bunny ear cord holders, available in multiple colors, can be easily attached to your desk and keep the cords in place.
  • Magnetic stips are great for holding tiny things that often get lost or spread over the workstation, like bobby pins, paper clips, etc. The dry erase magnetic strip can also be used to doodle on.
  • You can use stationery holders to keep your desk clutter-free. Check out this pink and white multiple compartment stationary holder on Amazon.
  • Use a mini desktop trash can to keep your desk litter-free.
  • File organizers like golden metal organizers work well with feminine office aesthetics.
  • Your desk needs something for the post-it notes too. Use a cute post-it note dispenser that can also look like the decor like this bear-shaped dispenser.
  • Tissues always come in handy. However, keeping the tissue box over desks can look unappealing. This cute retro radio shape tissue box cover can be placed on your desk to double as decor.
Tissue Box Cover
Tissue Box Cover (Source: Amazon)

Read About: 16 Ways to Enhance Your Home Office Desk’s Aesthetic

15. Get an Ergonomic Keyboard for your Long Beautiful Nails

Most of us ladies prefer to keep our nails long and pretty. However, typing with long nails can be quite difficult.

There are ergonomic keyboards with special features that make typing with long nails easier, like nonslip material and ergonomic design.

You can get a keyboard with a palm rest like Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard for extra support.

For more information on typing with long and acrylic nails, go through the article, How to Type with Long and Acrylic Nails?

16. Add Some Fragrance

Adding fragrance to the home office can elevate your mood and give fresh and feminine vibes to anyone stepping in.

  • Use room fresheners with floral or fresh scents.
  • Essential oil diffusers are great for diffusing oils like peppermint, rose, lavender, etc., which work great for relaxation.
  • If you dislike artificial scents, use fresh flowers like rose, gardenia, Jasmine, etc., that have strong fragrances.
  • Scented candles instantly give feminine vibes. You can use coffee, lemon rose, or any scent that you like the best.
Oil Diffuser
Oil Diffuser for Home Office (Source: Unsplash)

You can use air fresheners, flowers, essential oil diffusers, and other forms of aromatherapy. Choose the scent that you like, but do change it from time to time.

17. Try Some DIY Techniques for your Feminine Home Office

Decors. and organizers don’t have to be expensive to look pretty. You can reuse items at home or use them to create something new for your feminine home office.

  • Paint some old tin cans, mason jars, or glass bottles with cool colors like light purple, pink or blue and decorate them by wrapping macrame threads around the top or add some lace to them. This makes a cute stationery holder or even flower holder.
  • Get a plank of wood. Then, drill two holes on the edges. Tie a rope through the holes to make a wall-hanging shelf.
  • Use some old cardboard and get crafty with them to make desk organizers.
  • Try some yarn or rope to make tassels and hang them as wall decors.
  • Try using old glass from photo frames to make an erasable writing board.

For more tips, watch the video.

18. Gold Metal Accent for Elegance

You can never go wrong with a white and gold combination for your home office if you want to create luxury and elegance.

It’s not only clean and organized, but it’s also a beautiful setup. Decors like file organizers, plant holders, or even shelves with gold metal accents can be used to achieve a glam look.

19. Make an Accent Wall

Accent walls have the power to transform the ambiance of a room completely and for the better. Here are some tips on accent wall styles.

  • If you don’t want to paint a whole wall, paint the trimmings, moldings, or frames to add a dash of color to the office. Paint them bright pink or purple for increased vibrancy.
  • Natural stone is unquestionably one of the most costly surfaces available. Go with one accent wall to save money while still highlighting a gorgeous pattern.
  • Don’t worry if colors aren’t your thing; you can still use an accent wall. To add depth to a room, use the wooden panel on one wall.
  • Stripes, circles, geometric shapes, and herringbone are all glamorous patterns.
  • Wrap complementing fabrics around strong cardboard or extremely thin wood or plastic pieces. Then, using a suitable design, adhere the squares on the wall.

Read More: Should your Home Office Have an Accent Wall?

20. Color Code Everything!

Color coding makes the workplace look automatically cleaner and also balances the pop of colors.

For example, group the same colored decors on one compartment of storage cabinets or group files with sam colors together. It enhances the overall appearance of your office and draws attention to the color scheme you’ve chosen.

When everything is color-coordinated, you won’t have to conceal your belongings as much.

21. Use Some Artificial plants

Plants can make the home offices look more lively. However, taking care of real plants is quite difficult.

Artificial plants offer you the same aesthetic with no maintenance required. Artificial vines can be added to the wall or around the furniture, or even to the ceiling for a more feminine office.

Check out the Artificial Ivy Garland with LED lights for your home office. Also, artificial roses, peonies, and succulents are available in the market.

Other Home Office Supplies and Decors for Women

There is no end to the possibilities for home office setup ideas. In addition, the table provides some more feminine supplies for the home office.

Home Office Supplies and decorsPurpose
Air purifierFresh air
Comfortable work environment
CoastersTable protection
Asthetic Decor
Mini CalendarProductivity
Mason JarsStorage
Cute MugStorage
Sun CatcherDecor
Wall ClockProductivity

Final Thoughts

Women’s home office requires a match of aesthetics, materials, and decors to look elegant and feminine. Since we spend most of our time in the space, it should be personalized to our needs.

Details like the addition of an ergonomic keyboard for long nails, string lights for aesthetics, pastel colors for feminine vibes are what sets a woman’s office apart.

It’s a fact that no women are similar in all aspects. It would be wrong to generalize the criteria for a feminine look. Therefore, try to match the office aesthetic as per your personality.

Every woman is beautiful, so are their styles!

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