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How To Bypass Netflix Household? Proven Tricks

Netflix has officially terminated password sharing for users outside the same household.

This means that Netflix will verify the location of its users and only allow members of one household to use a single account.

If you want to bypass the Netflix household rule, some proven tricks can help you do it.

You can bypass Netflix household by using the tunneling technique using VPNs. However, this may violate Netflix’s terms of service and result in account suspension.

This article will clarify everything about Netflix household and some proven tips and tricks for bypassing it.

What Is Netflix Household?

Netflix is ending password sharing by introducing a new feature called Netflix household.

It is a single household associated with a Netflix account. This is for people who live together in a single household.

Similarly, it is a collection of your Netflix devices connected to the internet at the primary place you watch Netflix.

Netflix outside your household
Paying to share Netflix outside your household, Source: Netflix official blog post

Netflix uses IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to confine a household.

Furthermore, it is associated with the primary account owner’s devices and those used by others in the Netflix household.

You can set up a Netflix household using a TV device connected to your internet.

Consequently, your Netflix household will automatically include any device that uses your Netflix account and is on the same internet connection as this TV.

Note: If you want to watch Netflix on devices connected to different Wi-Fi networks or with different external IPs, you may be asked to verify that the device is part of your household.

Why Do Users Want To Bypass Netflix Households?

People who are not in your household need to sign up their own account to watch Netflix.

Here a Netflix account is meant to be shared in one household i.e. people who live in the exact location as the account owner.

Some people may want to bypass it due to various reasons.

  • To share Netflix account with others who do not live in the exact location without paying extra fees.
  • To save money by splitting the cost of a Netflix subscription with others.
  • To access different content that may be available in other regions.
  • To experience more flexibility and convenience in watching Netflix on multiple devices.

How To Bypass Netflix Household?

Netflix’s household approach may not hamper its loyal fans. However, it could lose some casual viewers who share passwords with friends and family.

You can bypass Netflix household by using VPN(Virtual Private Network).

Using Nord VPN

VPN offers a reliable way to change your location and IP address and protect your data from prying eyes.

Using a strong and genuine VPN, You can use tunneling to bypass Netflix household restrictions.

Performing tunneling allows you to connect from the same IP address as the account owner and avoid the verification code prompt.

Likewise, it has a feature called Meshnet that allows users to create a VPN server via their own or other devices.

meshnet working nord vpn
The new feature of Nord VPN is Meshnet for a secure connection.

Here are the steps to enable Meshnet on Windows.

  1. First open NordVPN and Log in or Sign-up if necessary.
  2. Select the Meshnet icon on the left-side menu.
  3. Then turn on the Meshnet toggle button.
  4. Read the details and use the Continue button to move forward.
  5. Finally, select Turn on Meshnet.
turn on meshnet nord vpn
You can enable Meshnet using Nord VPN.

By doing this, they can pretend to be in the same household as the person who owns the account.

Keep in mind some VPNs are not trustworthy or have poor encryption standards.

You may expose your personal information, browsing history or Netflix credentials to a third party.

However, the above method may not be reliable or ethical as it may violate the terms and services of Netflix.

I don’t recommend you to follow such an illegal approach.

Disclaimer: Bypassing the Netflix household is against Netflix’s terms of service and could result in account suspension or termination. The best way to enjoy Netflix’s content is to have your own account or be a part of a legitimate household.

Alternatively, if you want to watch Netflix on more devices or share an account with more people, you can try upgrading your Netflix subscription.

You can check out the different plans on Netflix’s official page and choose a subscription per your needs.

Furthermore, you can also try alternative streaming services such as Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max and Peacock that allow password sharing.

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Is Bypassing Netflix Household Safe?

Users outside the household must either create their own account or be added as an extra member for an additional fee.

This will reduce piracy and increase its revenue.

Bypassing the Netflix household is unreliable and unsafe per the company’s policy.

This sort of activity harms the content creators and the streaming industry.

netflix household rule
Netflix offers features called household, Source: Netflix official blog post

Additionally, you may limit your access to some benefits and features of Netflix and face issues such as buffering, lagging or error messages.

Netflix has been trying to prevent users from bypassing households.

Similarly, they send notifications to users who are outside of a household and allow users who are part of a Netflix household.

The Bottom Line

Bypassing Netflix households may compromise the security and privacy of the user’s data and devices.

I would like to recommend you follow Netflix’s rules and guidelines and pay for a suitable subscription per your needs and preference.

Enjoy Netflix’s content without risking your account or data.

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