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How To Favorite Items In Fortnite Chapter 5?

Players may want to favorite the items they like in Fortnite Chapter 5 for easy access and use.

Since some items and skins in Fortnite are more popular among players than others.

Players can simply favorite items they like in Fortnite Chapter 5, such as outfits, skins, emotes, pickaxes, etc., by going to the locker tab in the main menu. Then, click on the item and select the option for Favorite item.

Continue reading to learn more about the steps to favorite items in Fortnite Chapter 5.

Steps To Favorite Items In Fortnite Chapter 5

With the changes in the new chapter of Fortnite, players are confused about how to favorite the items.

Although the steps are simple, things have been moved around, creating confusion among players.

Players can follow the steps mentioned below to favorite items in Fortnite:

1. For PlayStation

  • Go to the locker tab in the main menu on the topmost screen.
  • Inside the Character, find the item you like and want to favorite.
  • In the Playstation, press the Triangle for options.
  • Then, click on Favorite Item.

Further, players can also unfavorite or archive any items they want.

Players can favorite items in Fortnite Chapter 5
Players can favorite the items they like from the Locker menu.

2. For PC

The process is similar to PlayStation, but instead of pressing the triangle for options, there is three dots under the item.

Players need to navigate to the item they want to favorite from the locker tab and hover over it.

While hovering, it displays three dots menu under the item; click that, and it’ll show the options.

Further, from the options, players can easily favorite the item they want.

Additionally, there is also the option to archive the item, which hides the unwanted items from your locker.

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New Outfits In Fortnite Chapter 5

The new Chapter 5 in Fortnite comes with new weapons, accessories, emotes, and character outfits is one of them.

Furthermore, players are really excited to try out all the new outfits for their chapter.

Some of the most popular outfits that many players love include:

1. Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is one of the legendary and famous outfits in Chapter 5.

Players can obtain this item after purchasing all cosmetics on page 11 and spending 9 battle stars

Peter Griffin outfit in Fortnite Chapter 5
Fortnite Players are excited about Peter Griffin’s outfit in Chapter 5.

2. Valeria

Valeria is an uncommon loading screen in Fortnite and part of the Flame and Fortune Set.

Further, players can obtain this outfit by spending 3 battle stars on page 12.

3. Solid Snake

Similarly, Solid Snake is a Gaming Legends series outfit and part of the Sneaking set.

It is still not released, and players eagerly await the release date.

4. Hope

Hope is an underground fighter set that is available automatically after unlocking Chapter 5 of Fortnite.

It is an epic outfit that costs around 950 V-bucks.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, with the favorite item option, players can easily access and use them from the locker.

Further, it allows you to manage your locker and inventory for further use.

A heart-shaped icon is used to indicate the favorite items, and it is displayed under the item.

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