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How To Find The Tillers Rest Wisp In Remnant 2?

Tillers Rest Wisp in Remnant 2 is one of the precious items to enhance the Player’s ability.

Moreover, the Spirit Wisp is found on the Dran  Settlement Underground.

Tillers Rest Wisp in Remnant 2 can be found after completing the Man in the Sewer Mission. The Spirit Wisp amulet decreases the cooldown period while activating the Mod ability. Further,  Players can also trade the item for Outcast Ring, which increases the reload speed in the gun. 

Make sure to read the whole article to find the exact location and usage of the Tillers Rest Wisp in Remnant 2. 

What Is Tillers Rest Wisp? 

The Tillers Rest Wisp is one of the rare inventories in the Losomn, one of Earth’s four-end points.

Moreover, the Tillers Rest is located right in the Dran Settlement Underground.

In Contrast, the Dran Settlement is one of the many worlds players can explore in Remnant 2.

Players can earn many exclusive items in the Tillers Rest; one is Spirit Wisp Amulet.

Amulets are potent items that significantly boost players in combats and events.

In contrast, if players have Spirit Wisp Amulet, it can upgrade the skill cooldowns if players use the Mod ability feature in combats. 

Further, when players spend 300 Mod Power, the cooldown period of the skills decreases by 3%.

Moreover, players will have a significant advantage against potent enemies and bosses in any battle. 

In Addition, the Spirit Wisp Amulet or simply the Tillers Rest Wisp can be earned when players complete the request of one of the game’s NPC.

The NPC is named Man in the Sewers, who guides players in future events and acts as a merchant to trade prestigious items. 

Further, the Man narrates the threatening story of a potent wild creature surrounding it in the nighttime. 

Players can extract a Light Wisp, entering their body in that event. 

Players can then return the particular item to the Man in the Sewers to get The Spirit Wisp Amulet in return. 

How To Get The Tillers Rest Wisp?

If the players are willing to obtain the Tillers Rest Wisp/ Spirit Wisp, follow the given procedure;4

  1. Visit the Tillers Rest at the Dran Underground Settlement in Losomn.
Tillers Wisp location
Head towards the Tillers Rest location in Losomn.
  1. Interact with the Man in the Sewers and listen to his horror story 
Man in the Sewer
Interacting with the Man in the Sewer in the Tillers Rest.
  1. Please search for the Light Wisp and wait for it to enter your body.
Light Wisp Remnant 2
Waiting for the Light Wisp to enter the body.
  1. Eliminate all the enemies in the Way, return to the Caged Man location, and wait for Light Wisp to come out of the body to Grab the Spirit Wisp Amulet.
Tillers Rest Wisp Remnant 2
Grab the Spirit Wisp Amulet after retiring to the Caged Man location. 

If Players receive the Tillers Rest Wisp Amulet after completing the Man in the Sewers event, they can exchange it for Outcast Ring.

The Outcast ring is a powerful item to enhance reload speed by 5% for 15 seconds. 

However, Players must interact with the caged Man to trade Spirit Wisp Amulet after completing the Mission, or they can keep the Spirit Wisp Amulet.

The Bottom Line

The Tillers Rest Wisp is a powerful amulet to decrease the Mod skill’s cooldown period.

Moreover, the Spirit Wisp can be obtained after completing the Man in the Sewer mission at the Losomn location. 

Lastly, Players can trade the item for the Outcast Ring if they wish to enhance the reloading speed of their armories. 

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