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How To Upgrade Relic Fragments In Remnant 2?

To Upgrade Relic Fragments in Reamnant 2, players must have one of each type of Relic Fragment.

After Upgrading Relic Fragments, players can have the upper hand in the battle against powerful enemies. 

To Upgrade Relic Fragments in Remnant 2, players must extract the same type of Fragments by completing different in-game events. Players can also Upgrade Relic Fragments by finding enhanced Fragments in different locations and trading items with NPC named Wallace. 

Continue Reading the Article to learn how to get and upgrade the Relic Fragments in Remnant 2.

What Is Relic Fragment?

Relic Fragment is one of the items in Remnant 2. 

The Fragments can be equipped in the Relic to boost the player’s performance in the battle against powerful enemies. 

Players can customize and diversify all the Relic Fragments, as they can put multiple Fragments in a single Relic inventory. 

There are a total of three different types of Relic Fragments; however, the total number of Fragments players can extract is 39

39 varieties of Relics Fragment of Red, Blue and Yellow Fragments            Img Source: Flextralife                                                                         

The three different types are Red, Blue and Yellow Relic Fragments. 

The Red fragment is all about taking compressed damage from enemies, healing the Character and pgrading their stamina.

Further, Blue Fragments are concerned with Damage Per second and lastly, Yellow one helps in Recoil control and Fire accuracy. 

Thankfully, players can equip at least three types of Fragments in the Relic.

In Contrast, Relic is one of the various consumable items that help heal players and Upgrade players’ inventories. 

Furthermore, all Relics have different types of usage, some heal the players over time, and some heal the players instantly.

How To Use Relic?

For players to understand the Upgrade mechanics of Relic, Players should first understand their usage and their co-relation to Relic Fragments. 

If any players find a specific kind of Relic Fragment, it can boost the player’s combat ability when slotted in the Relic inventory. 

Players can slot in three types of Fragments to diversify their battle strategy.

Further, Players can opt to change the Fragments depending on the nature of the location and the enemy.

How To Upgrade Relic Fragments?

Players can receive rewards when they progress through different missions and events in Remnant 2.

One of them is Relic Fragments, which has enhanced capability and extraordinary skill as you progress through different levels and defeat a powerful enemy.

Upgrade Relic Fragments
Upgrading Relic Fragments in Dragon Heart Relic Slot.

Not only that, but the nature of Relic Fragments also depends on the Archetype or the in-game character players have unlocked. 

The Harder the in-game event, the better and rare the Relic Fragment.

Further, the in-game character Wallace can help players Upgrade the Relic Fragments by trading them with items like Scrap and Simulacrum.

You can slot right in the Relic Inventory option when you get an upgraded Relic Fragment simultaneously. 

If players Upgrade Relic Fragments, they can get additional performances, including higher  Firepower, fast healing, accuracy, increased DPS and stamina boost.

The Bottom Line

To Upgrade Relic Fragments in Reamnt 2, players must complete more in-game events and extract the items in various locations.

Further, players can opt to trade with the in-game Character Wallace and slot the upgraded fragments in the Relic inventory.

The upgraded Relic can enhance the defensive and offensive ability and Upgrade the Character’s utility. 

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