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How To Explore The Dappled Glade In Remnant 2?

If you want a new adventure in Remnant 2, check out the Dappled Glade

Dappled Glade has unique gameplay features, such as a quiz that gives you a trait and a tear that can be exchanged for a gun. There are no bosses but some strong enemies like tumblers, slayers, infectors, and horrors.

Continue reading more to learn how to explore Dappled Glade.

What Is Dappled Glade In Remnant 2?

The Dappled Glade is a beautiful field full of glowing trees, and one of the Pan demigods is still not touched by the Root.

It is a returning world from the first game; moreover, it is expanded and updated with new areas, enemies, quests, and secrets in Remnant 2.

Additionally, it is a world that showcases the multiverse’s beauty and diversity and the Pan demigods’ potential to resist the Root.

Generally, it is also a world that challenges the players to think and act wisely.

In contrast, their choices can have consequences for themselves and others.

.remnant 2 dappled glade
Dappled Glade is a beautiful field full of glowing trees.

How To Explore Dappled Glade In Remnant 2?

Here are some steps to elaborate on how to travel to Yaesha and explore the Dappled Glade in Remnant 2:

1. Travel To Yaesha

To travel to Yaesha, use the World Stone in Ward 13 or any other checkpoint you have activated.

Additionally, the World Stone is a large crystal that allows you to select different worlds and regions to visit.

Therefore, you can interact with it by pressing E on your keyboard or X on your controller.

Yaesha world
 Use the World Stone to travel to Yaesha world.

2. Yaesha World

Once you activate the World Stone, find and use the World Stone to open the map of the multiverse.

Next, pick Yaesha from the map. It is a green and yellow world icon.

Then, choose a region in Yaesha. You can pick one or let the game choose for you.

Finally, explore Yaesha and its secrets. It is a beautiful world with many enemies and allies.

3. Find The Portal

To find the portal that leads to the Dappled Glade, search for a purple portal in Yaesha. It can be in any region.

Hence, use the World Analyzer to scan for the portal. You can craft it at Ward 13.

4. Portal Entry

When you find the portal, you can enter it by pressing E or X.

Next, you will be transported to the Dappled Glade, a beautiful meadow full of glowing trees.

However, the Root has not touched one of the Pan demigods yet.

Therefore, you must fight against it to save the multiverse.

 Enter the portal to travel to the Dappled Glade.

5. Glade Exploration

In the Dappled Glade, you can explore the Glade and encounter various enemies, events, and secrets.

Moreover, one of the events you can find is Meidre.

She will offer you different traits depending on how you approach her.

Additionally, you can trade Kaeula’s Tear for the handgun Sorrow.

Kaeula’s Tear increases your Relic capacity by 2

Moreover, Sorrow is a weapon that recalls bolts and heals you for 50% of the damage dealt.

sorrow, .remnant 2 dappled glade
Sorrow is a weapon that recalls bolts.

6. Glade Enemies

There are no bosses in the Dappled Glade. However,  you can find powerful enemies.

Root Tumbler is a ball-shaped enemy that rolls toward you and explodes on impact.

Empowered Slayer is an archer that teleports and shoots arrows that trigger a high-damage laser-like beam over you.

Elite Infector is a large enemy that spits out mines that deal damage and apply for burn status.

Root Horror is a huge enemy that traps you in roots and deals heavy melee damage.

Therefore, you must use your skills, weapons, and mods to defeat these enemies and survive in the Dappled Glade.

root horror remnant 2 dappled glade
Root horror traps you in roots.

The Bottom Line

The Dappled Glade is a peaceful and serene place but has its dangers and mysteries. 

However, following these steps, you can enjoy the Dappled Glade and discover its wonders and challenges.

We hope this article helps you understand how to explore the Dappled Glade in Remnant 2.

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