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How To Find Worn Cylinder In Remnant 2?

Worn Cylinder is Remnant 2 is one of the crafting materials to get exclusive items. 

Moreover, the crafting item can be used to get precious Engrams called Iron Cylinders. 

The Worn Cylinder in Remnant 2 is the crafting item used to extract the Iron Cylinder Engram. Despite its old age and mechanics, the Cylinder is still the most dangerous item. Players can obtain the potent item after accessing the third world and listening to all of Mudtooth’s infamous stories at the Ward 13 location. 

Continue Reading to find the location and items you can craft using the Worn Cylinder. 

What Is Worn Cylinder?

The Worn Cylinder is one of the precious crafting materials in Remnant 2.

Moreover, the Crafting item is quite ancient, and the wear is pretty average.

Nevertheless, the Cylinder has an excellent potential for destruction in any combat.

The Worn Cylinder is used to craft a powerful item called Iron Cylinder.

Furthermore, the Iron Cylinder is a type of Engram and a potent item to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype.

Engrams are unique items that have their inventorial slot in the Character. 

In contrast, the Gunslinger Archetype is the type of average level of DPS that focuses on reserving gun ammunition. 

How To Find The Worn Cylinder In Remnant 2?

If players are trying to extract the Worn Cylinder crafting item to get the Iron Cylinder, follow the given procedures;

  1. Unlock any two of the Worlds on the map.
Types oF World remnant 2
Unlocking two of the many Worlds in the Remnant 2.
  1. Listen to all of Moodtooth’s infamous stories in Central Hub called Ward 13. 
worn cylinder remnant 2
Listening to all the  Mudtooth’s Story characters in Ward 13.
  1. Obtain the Worn Cylinder reward from Mudtooth in Ward 3. 
worn cylinder remnant 2
Receiving the Worn Cylinder from Mudtooth.

Players will receive a total of three items after completing the Mudtooth Quest including Worn Cylinder, Gunslinger’s Ring and Charm. 

Moreover, upon receiving the Worn Cylinder from Mudtooth, players can trade the item for Iron Cylinder with another NPC called Wallace in Ward 13. 

Furthermore, the Iron Cylinder costs 1000 scraps, 10 Lumenite Crystals and a Worn Cylinder. 

How To Use the Iron Cylinder? 

The Iron Cylinder is one of the best Engrams in Remnant 2 for unlocking new items and Characters. 

In Contrast, the Cylinder can help players unlock one of the powerful DPS Archetypes called the Gunslinger.

The Gunslinger works best when using the raw Fire damage and reserving ammos on inventories. 

To unlock the Gunslinger Archetype, ensure you equip the Iron Cylinder Engram as your Prime or Sub-archetype type.

Moreover, the powerful Gunslinger Archetypes will assist players in defeating powerful enemies and bosses in various locations.

Further, the Archetype will guide Players to complete different Quests and events while exploring numerous locations in Remnant 2. 

The Bottom Line

The Worn Cylinder in Remnant 2 is one of the crafting materials to unlock the Iron Cylinder Engram.

Players can get rewarded by listening to all of Mudtooth’s stories in the Ward 13 location.

Finally, the Cylinder is useful while unlocking the DPS hunter Gunslinger Archetype, providing a significant advantage in the battles.

Continue exploring to find Tillers Rest Wisp and Black Pawn Stamp in Remnant 2. 
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