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How To Get Halsin In Your Party In BG3?

One of the intriguing aspects of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the opportunity to recruit companions who can join your party and aid you on your journey.

Halsin, a powerful druid, is a potential ally players can recruit.

You can make Halsin join your party by rescuing him and conversing with Zevlor; after returning to the cave, he will be ready to join your party.

In this guide, we’ll break down the steps to recruit Halsin into your party so that you can use his skills and knowledge.

Who Is Halsin In BG3?

Halsin is a powerful druid in BG3 who can become your ally.

He has special abilities and can join your group to help you on your journey.

Additionally, he has the ability to transform from a human to a bear and is a potential companion and romance option for the player.

baldurs gate 3 halsin
The Halsin Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Find Halsin In BG3?

You’ll discover that Halsin is stuck in his bear-transformed state inside the Goblin Camp.

To locate and recruit Halsin, follow these steps:

  1. Start from Emerald Grove: Go west to the Goblin Camp opposite the grove.
goblin camp Baldurs gate
Go inside the Goblin Camp to find Halsin.
  1. Reach Blighted Village: Continue west to goblin-infested Blighted Village northwest of Roadside Cliffs.
  2. Deal with Blighted Village: Sneak, negotiate, or fight the goblins.
  3. Reach the Goblin Camp: Proceed further west to the camp and Goblin Camp waypoint.
  4. Enter the Shattered Sanctum: Move southwest, find a courtyard, pass a dialogue check, and enter the Shattered Sanctum.
Shattered Sanctum
Enter the Shattered Sanctum and find Halsin inside.
  1. Find Halsin: Inside, find Priestess Gut’s throne, a bridge to goblins, and enter the Worg Pens. Descend stairs to goblin children near a caged bear.
  2. Halsin’s Dilemma: The caged bear is Halsin; interact to free him through intimidation or combat.
cave bear
Rescue this caged bear and free Halsin.
  1. Make a Choice: Decide to recruit Halsin and support Emerald Grove Druids (attack goblins), side with goblins (kill Halsin), or leave both sides (observe outcomes).

How To Get Halsin To Join Your Party In BG3?

After freeing Halsin, he won’t immediately join your active party.

To successfully recruit him, follow these steps:

  1. Speak to Zevlor: After encountering Halsin, talk to Zevlor and choose to wait. This sets the stage for Halsin’s recruitment.
  2. Talk to Halsin: Engage Halsin in conversation after speaking to Zevlor. This step initiates Halsin’s joining process.
Players can have a conversation with Zevlor.
  1. Return to Zevlor: Dialogue with Zevlor again to solidify Halsin’s integration.
  2. Visit Camp: Immediately head to your camp after speaking to Zevlor. Halsin will be waiting, ready to talk during the campfire gathering.
  3. Halsin’s Request: At the campfire gathering, Halsin expresses his desire to join your party. Accept to have him permanently join your group.
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Benefits Of Recruiting Halsin

Halsin is one of the most powerful Druids in BG3. Here are some benefits of getting Halsin to join your party.

  • Harness Powerful Druid Abilities: Halsin brings formidable druid abilities to your party, including shape-shifting and nature-based spells that can turn the tide in battles.
  • Access Valuable Insights: As a First Druid, Halsin possesses valuable insights into the game’s lore, providing unique perspectives on quests and challenges.
  • Utilize Healing and Support: Halsin’s healing spells can mend your party’s wounds, making him a crucial asset during intense battles and exploration.

The Bottom Line

Recruiting Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 enhances your party with potent druid abilities, valuable insights, and healing support.

Follow strategic steps to bring him on board, deepening your gameplay and adding a unique dimension to your adventure.

Happy Gaming!

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