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Revelation Cards In HSR: Win iPhone And Jewelry

In HSR, players must obtain revelation cards to earn up to 210 Stellar Jades during the Fable of the Stars event.

Fables of the Star event is a limited-time event in HSR that ends on January 5, 2024.

The Fables of the Star event is an excellent way to earn Stellar Jades and exclusive Avatars by obtaining revelation cards in HSR. You can share your revelation cards on social media and have the chance to win an iPhone 15 of 256 GB and Swarovski jewelry in the social media draw during this event.

Continue reading to find out more about the role of revelation cards in HSR.

Role Of Revelation Cards In HSR

Revelation card is part of the exciting web event named Fables of the Stars in HSR.

This event is introduced in Version 1.6 and it has captured the attention of trailblazers since then.

In the Fables of the Stars, you can unlock valuable rewards like Stellar Jades and limited-time avatars.

However, to unlock stellar jades, you must obtain a total of 42 revelation cards in long-term and short-term missions.

Fables of the stars event hsr
Fables of the Stars is an event where players must obtain revelations cards to earn stellar jades and even iPhones.

Revelation card is one of the three one-time missions of the Fables of the Stars in Honkai Star Rail.

To enhance your fortune in HSR, complete missions, earn Revelation Chances, and collect Revelation Cards.

Additionally, Trailblazers can log in daily to receive New Year Revelations from the mysterious Black Swan during the event.

These revelations come with exciting rewards, such as Stellar Jades named Stelle Star Rail and an avatar named Caelus Star Rail.

Missions To Obtain Revelation Cards In HSR

Trailblazers can undertake three types of missions in the Fables of the Stars event.

They are long-term missions, daily missions, and one-time missions.

In a long-term mission, you must obtain 5, 9, and 13 different Revelation cards to complete the entire set of 14.

Similarly, you must perform activities like logging in and following Honkai Star Rail on social media platforms in daily missions.

You must also participate in community discussions, and sign in to HoYoLAB to complete tasks in daily missions.

Long-Term Missions In Fables Of The Stars

The revelation cards play an important role in obtaining stellar jades as your reward in HSR.

Hence, you must keep collecting the revelation cards in the game to complete all four long-term missions.

Collecting a certain amount of revelation cards will reward you with a specific number of stellar jades.

For instance, you must obtain 5 different revelation cards for the first time to get 50 stellar jades.

Similarly, to obtain 60 Stellar Jades, you must acquire 9 different revelation cards for the first time.

revelation cards hsr fable of the stars
You must obtain at least 42 revelation cards to complete all the long-term, short term and daily missions in HSR.

If you obtain 13 different Revelation cards in the event, then you can earn 100 stellar jades and a certain Revelation card.

The final task of the long-term mission is to collect 14 different revelation cards and share the full card collection index.

Hence, you will get a chance to obtain a Star Rail exclusive avatar after collecting 14 revelation cards in HSR.

One-Time Missions In Fables Of The Stars

The revelation cards also play an important role in completing the One Time mission of the Fable of the Stars event.

Furthermore, there are a total of three tasks in one time mission where you must obtain 1 revelation chance.

The first task is to share or gift a revelation card to win 1 revelation.

Similarly, the second task is to share your trail data to get a divination chance.

Finally, the last task is to share the exclusive link and invite your friends to participate in the event.

The Bottom Line

HSR introduces new events in the game that allow players to earn exclusive rewards in real-time.

Therefore, you must share the revelations cards you collect on social media platforms during the Fables of the Star event.

Hence, if you get lucky, you will win an iPhone 15 or Swarovski jewelry in the social media draw.

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