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How To Get Struck By Lightning In Bloxburg?

In Bloxburg, players are eager to get their hands on the Lightning Strike Trophy and want to know how to get struck by Lightning.

To get the Bloxburg Lightning Trophy, you must work your way throughout the neighbourhood to get strikes by Lightning.

If you want to know how to get struck by Lightning in Bloxburg, subscribe for a neighbourhood setting and enable the thunderstorm feature. Besides, you can also opt for joining a server with a natural thunderstorm. 

Continue reading to learn more about how to get Lightning strikes to win the Trophy in Bloxburg.

What Is The Lightning Trophy In Bloxburg?

The Lightning Strike Trophy is a rare Trophy that a player can collect as it has difficulty locating the Lightning on the map.

Besides, the time and exact place where the Lightning will hit is entirely unpredictable.

The Trophy was introduced with the Bloxburg Halloween update in October 2021.

Get struck by lightning and win lightning strike trophy
The Lightning Strike Trophy is a rare Trophy that a player can collect in Bloxburg.

Furthermore, it is a blue trophy that looks like a lightning bolt on a black stand.

Moreover, you can use the Lightning Strike Trophy to decorate your game house, as it does not serve any specific function.

However, you can sell the Trophy for the highest amount to use, as it is scarce.

Create The Right In-game Environment

Here is a step-by-step guide on achieving this rare Trophy, and 2 or 3 people have it today.

You need to be in a neighbourhood server that is always raining and with a thunderstorm.

Furthermore, look for a public server with maximum raining scenarios and thunderstorms.

Methods To Create Thunderstorms

It is of utmost importance that you wander around areas with a record of maximum lightning strokes.

Area that has maximum lightning strikes
This is the area with a record of maximum lightning strokes.

Indeed, you cannot get Lightning strikes in a neighbourhood with light rain, so choose a neighbourhood with heavy rainfall.

Method 1: Enable Neighborhood Settings

  • The more straightforward method is to pay 149 Roblox either monthly or as a one-time purchase to access the neighbourhood settings.
  • A new thunderstorm feature permanently comes into the game during the Halloween update.
  • Your next task is to enable this thunderstorm feature after you update it.
  • This ensures that Lightning will strike continuously in your neighbourhood.

Method 2: Server Selection With Rain

  • The cheaper but more challenging method is to join a server with a natural thunderstorm.
  • Thus, you can do this by going to the servers tab in the Bloxburg main menu and selecting a server with a thunderstorm.

How To Be Struck by Lightning In Bloxburg?

If you want to get Lightning strikes and get your hands on the rare Lightning Trophy, then go ahead and follow this guideline below:

  1. Stand Still In the Rain: The first and easiest method is to stand still and wait for Lightning to strike you.
  2. Be Proactive And Act Smartly: Some players suggest an alternative approach to increase your chances is to be proactive, so go to the highest areas in the neighbourhood.
  3. Find Frequent Lightning Spots: The next task is identifying areas on the map where Lightning strikes more often. When you finally reach the spot with maximum lightning strikes, park your car in these spots.
drive to lightning when seen
If you see a lightning strike, react to Lightning immediately and drive quickly to that location.
  1. Check On Your Character’s Skills: Your character’s mood must max out to increase your chances of getting the Lightning Trophy.
  2. Go To Open Spaces: If you want to get Lightning strikes, going to open spaces like the beach and swimming in open water is best.
  3. Look For Lightning Hotspots: Some players believe that specific locations might spawn Lightning more frequently, but this is not official news.
  4. Things To Get During Your Mission: Use umbrellas in the rainy server or neighbourhood to create chances for you to get Lightning strikes. You can also use Shopping carts, Kites or Hairdryers while you wander around for the Lightning to strike you.

What Happens After You Get The Trophy?

If Lightning successfully strikes you, you will receive the Lightning Trophy, but your character will die.

After you win the Trophy, you will see a message that you have won, which you can add to your inventory.

You can sell the Lightning Trophy for $5,000 in the game if you need extra money.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to note that getting Lightning strikes is a random event, and there are no guaranteed methods to get the Trophy.

Different players may have different experiences, but if you follow these methods, giving your time and patience, you’ll win the Trophy.

However, standing in hills, holding metal objects or standing near the powerline may also help to get stuck.

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