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Bloxburg Maze Map: Complete Guide

The Maze Map is one of the sub-quests players can engage in while playing Welcome To Bloxburg.

Unfortunately, many players either cannot find the Maze Map or complete the task.

The Maze Map is found in the Mansion just beside Sabrina’s Stall. Players will need to follow the candle lights to pass through the Maze.

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Bloxburg Maze Map: Overview

Players can be involved in the Maze Map sub-quest of the Halloween Event.

Players should complete several quests to get through the Maze, even where players start after getting the Phantom Perception Potion.

 The Maze is a trap inside the location, where players find skeletons, ghosts, dolls, spiders and other items.

Players must find a solution and get possible hints to come across to progress through the quest.

How To Reach To Bloxburg Maze Map?

If players are willing to find the Maze Mao in Bloxburg, follow the given procedure,

1. Collect The Phantom Perception Portion

Getting the Phantom Perception Potion is the initial way to begin with the Maze quest. 

Players will get the potion from Sabrina after giving her the Ghastly potion.

The Phantom Potion will provide an ability to see the Ghosts and interact with them.’

2. Search For Helen Von Vlox

After drinking the potion, players should search for a ghost near Sabrina’s stall, just behind the wall.

Approach Helen Von Vlox, the Ghost and start conversing with her.

Helen Von Vlox
Approach the ghost behind the wall.

Players should find a keepsake that holds the key to her release inside the Mansion.

However, players must grab a key from her grave in the graveyard,d which is located just near the town.

3. Find The Grave

Players should then search for the grave with the Witch hat and use the shovel to dig in.

Graveyard bloxburg
Search for the grave with a Witch hat.

There will be a skeleton along with the floating gold key; take the key to the ghost location.

4. Enter The Mansion

After interacting with the ghost again, players will be granted access to the Mansion.

Enter the main door of the Mansion using the key; players follow all the rooms until they see a living room.

Players will fall into a trap, i.e., the Maze Mape in the room.

bloxburg maze map
Search for the Maze Map in the living room.
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Solving Bloxburg Maze Map Riddle

After stepping into the Maze Map, follow the candle lights attached to the wall.

Players must find a kitchen filled with skeletons and continue finding a patch of lights.

bloxburg maze map
Search for a kitchen filled with skeletons.

Moreover, players will find a coffin in the way, a giant spider, and a skeleton on the way that assures the correct path.

Players will find a wardrobe closet filled with green dolls and skeletons before locating a stairway. 

Follow the stairs to reach the top floor of the Mansion, head towards the bedroom and take the locket from the photo frame.

Locket Welcome to bloxburg
Collect the jewelry from the bedroom.

Players should find and return the locket to Helen and head towards the Fairy ring that grants her communication access with her husband.

Ensure to go to the other side of the Mansion and use the floating locket.

Helen Von Vlox locket
Use the locket at the backside of the Mansion.

After uniting Helen and her husband Victor, the Welcome To Bloxburg Halloween Event will be completed.

The Bottom Line

The Maze Map quest is probably the hardest and last mission of the Halloween event o

To reach there, players need to get the key from the graveyard and head to the living room.

After completing the ques, the players will unlock the Halloween Hunting Quest Trophy.

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