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How To Save In GOW Valhalla?

Many players wonder about saving the game’s progress in GOW Valhalla DLC through the main menu.

However, unlike other RPG games, there is a different way to save the progress in Valhalla.

To save in God Of War Ragnarok Valhalla, players must head to Sanctuary, tap the exit button, and finally tap the Confirm button.

Continue reading to learn the importance of saving and How to Save in God Of War Ragnarok Vallahha DLC.

Importance Of Save In GOW Valhalla

God of War Ragnarok has released a new DLC with Patch 05.01 on 12 December.

The DLC contains exciting missions with exclusive weapons for Kratos.

Hence, players can follow the journey of Kratos and Mimic and tackle the formidable foes.

Game save is necessary while completing the missions, exploring new dungeons, or unlocking new skins.

Otherwise, players will lose the game progress and must start from the beginning.

Players invest many hours in leveling up, increasing skills, or having fun times with friends; losing the progression can be heartbreaking.

Players should save the game and begin from the same point to avoid such circumstances.

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How To Save In GOW Valhalla DLC?

If players head to the main menu or the settings, they cannot see any Save option.

This is, in fact, a feature and a unique approach to help players spend more time in the game.

If players are willing to Save in GOW Valhalla DLC, they must head to the Sanctuary.

Players can unlock new areas to restore health, upgrade weapons, or fight enemies when they progress through the game.

Most of the locations in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC have their own Sanctuary, including Vanheim and Lost Sanctuary.

However, players must explore and locate the Sanctuary for upgrades, glyph changes, or health restoration,

Thankfully, for game saves as well, players can enter any Sanctuary they are closest to.

how to save in gow valhalla
Enter the Valheim zone and find the Sanctuary.

After reaching the Sanctuary players should exit the game and press the Confirm button on their console.

how to save gow valhalla
Tap the Confirm button to save the game.

Saving the game at the Sanctuary will lead players to the main menu.

Finally, players can exit the game; hence the next time they come back, they can continue the progress.

Moreover, many players often forget to Save the game, so they are always behind in the quests.

 Hence, the best option is to enable auto-save in the settings.

However, many players have complained the system spawns them in different places or does not save their progress.

The Bottom Line

Saving the game is crucial to continue the exact points or mission where players leave or exit.

If players save the game each time they complete a quest, an electricity outrage or internet shortage won’t impact them.

Moreover, players can always enable Aut0-save to avoid the game progression loss.

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