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Use The Balloon To Explore The Lego Fortnite Map

Players are excited about using the balloon in Lego Fortnite to explore the map easily.

In Lego Fortnite, you can use the balloon to increase speed and reduce gravity.

Lego Fortnite balloon is a valuable consumable item in Lego Fortnite that will help you by giving you a temporary buff to increase your movement speed. Besides. it will also reduce your gravity and help you easily jump longer distances.

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What Is Lego Fortnite Mode?

Lego Fortnite is one of the survival modes in Fortnite in which people must craft structures for survival.

The Lego Fortnite mode was released on December 7th, 2023 and it has already made quite an impact on the internet.

lego fortnite
 Lego Fortnite is a survival mode in Fortnite.

Besides, this survival mode merges two open worlds where players can experience Lego building along with Fortnite battles.

In this survival mode, you must collaborate with other players throughout the play.

What Is The Balloon In Lego Fortnite?

The balloon in the Lego Fortnite survival mode is a consumable item that will give you a temporary buff to increase your speed.

Furthermore, the balloons were introduced during the release of season 6 in Fortnite which let players experience gravity.

Balloons can help you in many ways in the game in Lego survival mode in Fortnite.

You can find balloons on the floor while exploring the Fortnite Lego mode.

ballon lego fortnite
The map of Lego Fortnite with a balloon increases your speed.

However, the balloon is not inflated when you find it as it comes in a small bag.

You can easily spot the small bag on the ground that contains the balloon as it has a balloon icon.

Hence, carry the bag with balloons with you while exploring the Lego world of Fortnite to use it to enhance your chances of survival.

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Functionalities Of Balloons In Lego Fortnite

There are many functionalities of a balloon so you must use it to your advantage to enhance your gameplay.

Hence, to release the balloon, you can press the fire button, which will get attached to your back in the game.

1. Reduce Your Gravity 

The Lego Fortnite Hot air balloon is especially crucial when you are falling from a height.

Furthermore, the balloon helps in reducing your gravity and will help you not take damage after the fall.

You can press the crouch button in the game to release the balloon from your back.

2. Increase Your Movement Speed

With the help of the hot air balloon, you can increase your speed and explore the map of the Fortnite Lego mode.

A single balloon in your back can help you jump longer distances easily as it uses low gravity.

Hence, if you are falling from a high distance you can release a balloon on your back to lose the speed of falling.

3. Stack Three Balloons To Propel In Air

The interesting part about the balloon is you can have as many balloons in your back.

If you put two balloons in your back, it will help you to reduce gravity.

Furthermore, if you put three balloons in your back, they will lift you in the air.

The balloon is beneficial, especially when you have to escape an area or jump from a height.

However, you cannot use the balloon in Lego Fortnite to float out of the map as it only lasts for a short period.

Limitations Of Using Balloon In Lego Fortnite

Even though the balloon can help you survive and explore the game by giving you a temporary buff, it comes with certain disadvantages.

Enemies can shoot your balloon when you are up in the air and burst it, making you fall straight.

So even if a balloon can be a valuable asset, you must know that enemies can shoot and destroy the balloons.

If the enemies shoot at your balloon while you are up in the air, you will take excessive damage due to the high fall.

Moreover, remember that if enemies hit you with a Boogie Bomb, it will cause your balloons to drop.

The Bottom Line

The Lego Fornite will give you the joy of experiencing the world of Lego building and Fortnite battles in one place.

Hence, you can use the balloons to explore the map of Lego Fortnite and travel longer distances with speed.

However, be careful of the enemies that may shoot your balloon while you are in the air to avoid fall damage.

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