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How To Unlock Castle In Lego Fortnite?

Players must be wondering about how to unlock the Castle in Lego Fortnite.

There are various types of houses and buildings that players can build, among which castles are rare ones.

If you are trying to find out how to unlock Castle in Lego Fortnite, you will have to find items such as wood and granite, then start building the base in Dry Valley.
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What Are The Building Recipes?

Building recipes in Lego Fortnite is the way through which players can build different houses.

Similarly, you can craft various types of buildings using the materials you can find in the game.

Moreover, players will need the materials such as wood, plank, granite, knotroot, frostpine, etc to craft buildings.

Building Recipes
Unlocking the Shogun Palace building recipes.

Additionally, you will have to build different parts of buildings separately and need separate items.

Furthermore, there are major 5 categories of buildings that are available in the game for you to build.

In the same way, the following is the list of 5 categories of building sets in Lego Fortnite:

  • Starter Shacks
  • Log Cabin
  • Pleasant Park
  • Majestic Manors(Castles)
  • Shogun Palace

What Is Castle In Lego Fortnite?

The castle is one of the types of buildings that players can craft in Lego Fortnite.

Moreover, the castle falls in the Majestic Manor category of the Building Recipes Set.

Similarly, the cost of creating a castle is more expensive than that of normal buildings.

Therefore, you will need to collect enough materials for the castle before starting to build one.

Additionally, players only need wood and granite to unlock various sets of castles or manors.

Furthermore, the following table shows different sets of castles and their costs:

Castle Set Name Upfront CostTotal Cost
Humble Manor23x Granite30x Wood
161x Granite
Manor Gates10x Granite2x Wood
46x Granite
Manor Stables24x Granite47x Wood
106x Granite
Tower Manor51x Granite453x Granite
26x Wood
Noble Manor69x Granite66x Wood
302x Granite
Grand Manor115x Granite103x Wood
603x Granite

Steps To Unlock Castle In Lego Fortnite

Players have to unlock the castle by themselves, meaning it is not already available to them in the game.

Moreover, you can take the following steps to unlock different manors and castles in Lego Fortnite:

1. Upgrade The Village In Dry Valley

Players must build their villages in specific locations on the game map.

Similarly, to unlock all the castles in Lego Fortnite, you must build a village in Dry Valley.

Moreover, the Dry Valley is in the Sandy Desert biome, where players need to build their village base.

Upgrade Village
Players upgrading the village in Dry Valley.

However, if you already have your own village, then all you have to do it to upgrade it in the Dry Valley.

Additionally, players can follow the steps given below to upgrade the village:

  1. Open the Village Hub menu.
  2. Select the Upgrade Village option.
  3. Fulfill all the requirements to upgrade the village.
  4. Click on the Upgrade Village button after fulfilling all the requirements.

2. Collect All The Items Required

Once you have upgraded the Village, the game will automatically unlock different castles for you.

Additionally, you can open the Build menu and then look in the Majestic Manor option.

Similarly, players will now have to collect all the items that they require for the particular castle.

Furthermore, you can look at the table in the above topic to know about the cost and items for various castles.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you can unlock castles in the Lego Fortnite by upgrading your Village and collecting required items.

Moreover, players can choose from 6 different types of castles such as Humble Manor, Grand Manor, etc.

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