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How To Unlock Second Fatality In Mk1?

Mortal Kombat 1 is an anticipated fighting game publicly released on September 19, 2023.

It brings new features such as a new tag-team mechanic, new stories, new characters and new fighting mechanics.

As with every series, Mortal Kombat 1 brings back Fatalities, which is more violent than its predecessors.

To Unlock the Second Fatality in MK1, players must increase a particular character’s Mastery Level. Upon reaching the Mastery level, 14 players will unlock the second Fatality and its inputs. 

Continue reading to discover how to unlock the Second Fatality in MK1.

Introduction Of Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 is a PvP or PvE fighting game that continues from the 2019 Mortal Kombat 11.

Furthermore, it is available in two versions: premium, which was released on September 14 and standard, which will be released on September 19, 2023.

Additionally, this game is marked as the new beginning of the Mk franchise.

As this game is resetting the timeline back to where Mortal Kombat started.

Adding a few new features in the Mortal Kombat 1.

The new thing that was introduced was the Kameo Fighter.

Kameo Fighter is the substitute fighter they can choose right after they pick the primary fighter.

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Understanding Fatality In MK 1

The Fatalities in MK 1 are the ultraviolence finishing moves that can be triggered at the end of a fight.

Players can trigger Fatality by quickly inputting the series of button combinations.

Furthermore, the button combination is different for each of the characters in MK1.

Additionally, it is different from the combo attack due to its cinematic animation and characters’ punchlines.

Performing Fatality will show some gruesome animation.

Each of the characters has multiple fatalities that players can perform.

However, some Fatalities are hidden, and players must meet some conditions to unlock them.

In the case of MK1, the first Fatality is free, but the second one needs to be unlocked.

Way To Unlock Second Fatality In MK1

Doing multiple Fatalities is a great way to end each battle. If you are wondering how to unlock those Second Fatality.

Here is the guide on how to unlock the second Fatality in Mk1;

1. Complete The Story Campaign

Mk1 features many story campaigns, and finishing it can grant you amazing rewards.

Moreover, finishing the story campaign can also help you to unlock the second Fatality as a reward.

Therefore, we recommend you finish the story campaign first.

This will also help you to know the mechanics of a character.

2. Explore Invasion Mode

Another way is to play the new Invasion Mode of MK1.

This mode provides you with tons of collectible loot along with fatalities.

3. Progress Mastery Level

The Characters in Mk1 have their own set of rewards, and increasing the Mastery level allows you to obtain those rewards.

Furthermore, every character has their second Fatality locked at the Mastery level 14.

You can unlock it by playing that character.

Moreover, you can increase the Mastery level by investing in experience points.

As for earning the XP fast, the best option is to play the invasion mode because of its short match duration.

However, you only need to reach Mastery level 14 if you don’t know the input of the Second Fatality.

If you know the button combination, you can trigger the Second Fatality right from the beginning of the game.

Some Of The Characters’ Fatality In MK1

Players’ main challenge is to trigger the Fatality in Mortal Combat.

They need to know the input proper series of button combinations.

Here are some button combinations for Second Fatality;

  1. Johnny Cage: Forward, Down, Back, Circle (Mid to Far Distance)
  2. Kung Lao: Back, Down, Down, Cross(Close)
  3. Liu Kang: Back, Forward, Back, Cross (Close)
  4. Raiden: Down, Forward, Back, Square (Mid to Far)
  5. Reiko: Back, Down, Down, Circle(Close)
  6. Sub-Zero: Forward, Back, Down, Circle(Close)
  7. Mileena: Down, Forward, Back, Cross (Close)
  8. Baraka: Forward, Back, Down, Circle(Close)

The Bottom Line

Fatality is a primary factor of the game that enables players to end the fight with some brutal finishing moves.

Mk 1 has provided many ways to unlock the Second Fatality.

The most prominent way to unlock Second Fatality is to increase the Mastery Level of the Character.

Furthermore, this method also helps players grow their character’s playstyle and grab a handful of rewards.

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