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How To Upgrade Bench In Nightingale: Surviving The Wild

Crafting tools require you to have a workbench and you need to upgrade it to craft even more powerful weapons in Nightingale.

There are three-tier workbenches in the game, which can be used to craft powerful weapons as the higher tiers unlock.

However, Crafting and upgrading your tools requires gathering other raw materials and blueprints from the game’s world.

Read more to find out how to craft, and upgrade your bench and what raw materials you need to build them.

Upgrade Work Bench In Nightingale: The Three Tiers

Firstly, in the early game, you will need The Simple Workbench which can craft and upgrade simple weapons like slingshot.

The Simple Workbench earning its name doesn’t do much other than building and crafting simple weapons that don’t deal much damage.

Upgrade Work Bench Nightingale
Simple Work Bench is a small bench, compared to Excellent Work Bench which requires more space in the room.

However, as the game progresses, you will require superior crafting workbenches like Refined Workbench.

The Refined Workbench enables crafting weapons such as guns and other tools required for mid-game bosses and dungeons.

Lastly, Excellent Workbench which can be used to craft epic to rare weapons and tools for mid-late game bosses.

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Work Bench: How To Upgrade Them And Materials Required?

Upgrading your workbench requires materials, just like any other weapons and tools. 

Moreover, The Upgrade Bench comes in three tiers like all other crafting stations, and below are the materials you will require:

To craft ‘The Simple Workbench’ you will require:

  1. Ingot x2
  2. Lumber x4
  3. Twine x3

Crafting ‘Refined Workbench’ you will require:

  1. Lumber x4
  2. Mechanical Gears x1
  3. Carved Wood x1

Finally, to craft an ‘Excellent Workbench’ you will require:

  1. Carved Wood x8
  2. Mechanical Gears x2

However, crafting these workbenches comes down to story progression and working through Nightingale’s main storyline or quests.

Work Bench Upgrades: How To Craft Materials?

All the materials you require to craft and build the workbenches are found in the game’s world.

Some examples of how you can get those materials are:

1. Ingots

You must refine Gems and Ores into Glass and Ingots if you have built a Simple Smelter.

Simple Smelter can be built using a blueprint that can be found with Essence Traders and the materials you will require are:

  • Stone Block x4
  • Rocks x6

2. Lumber

After you craft a Simple Saw Table you can refine the Wood Bundles you have gathered from chopping down trees.

Remember, Wood Bundles are gathered by chopping down trees in the surrounding areas whereas Lumbers are crafted.

You can also craft Carved Wood with a Simple Saw Table after you have upgraded your table and you will require a couple of more Lumbers.

3. Twine

Crafting Twine is one of the easiest crafting mechanisms of the game, you will only need a Simple Spinning Wheel and two chunks of Fibre.

Plant Fibres work just fine but if you want your twine to be a high quality one, you will need to use Refined Fibre.

Work Bench Upgrades: Where Are The Blueprints Found?

Having materials is not enough, you will also require Blueprints to craft these work benches.

The blueprint can be found with the Essence Traders in different realms.

Since realms in Nightingale are procedurally generated, Essence Traders are rarely found in the same location

Upgrade Bench Nightingale
Players can find Essence Traders in different locations across all realms.

However, a ticket icon marks them on your map.

These Essence Traders are generally not in the same position – they switch positions based on the game’s progression.

In the Abeyance Realm, you can typically find them next to the Antiquarian Site Of Power but this may not always be the case.

Hence, refer to your map to find the Essence Traders.

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