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Dark And Darker Dark Matter: The Mystery

Dark Matter is one of the abilities found throughout the Dark and Darker.

The Matter is present in the Warlock class, which can guide player’s progression through missions.

Dark Matter is the set of abilities of the Warlock class, which has Dark magic. After the latest update, a few perks and spells have Dark magic, including Soul Collector, Bolt of Darkness, Ray of Darkness and Elderitich Shield.

Continue reading to learn about Dark Matter and its usage in Dark and Darker.

Dark Matter In Dark And Darker

Dark and Darker is an RPG game with mysterious creatures, locations and classes, including Warlock.

After the recent huge updates, there have been many changes in the Warlock class and other classes.

If players have early access to patch 1, they can experience all the  Warlock class changes.

Players can get the Dark Matter with a specific class, providing a significant battle advantage.

However, players should have a good idea of inputting all the spells and perks.

dark and darker dark matter
Manage the Dark Matters.

Ensure to equip the Dark Matters that assist the players in both attack and defense mechanisms.

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Dark Matter Abilities Of Warlock

There are tons of abilities, including perks, skills and spells, which have their unique nature. 

However, only a few of them have Dark Matter abilities including;

1. Soul Collector

The Soul Collector is one of the best Dark Matter perks of the Warlock class.

When players deploy a final blow to the enemy, a single curse skull is collected in the inventory.

There will be enhanced damage for the Dark magic damage by up to 5%, which may not be significant but boosts the chance in battle.

Unfortunately, the condition will only be applicable for up to six cells.

2. Bolt Of Darkness

Bolt Of Darkness is among the seven perks of the Warlock.

It is probably the best damage spell players can get in the class.

Players can deploy a critical hit by hitting a headshot by using the bolt against powerful enemies.

Bolt of Darkness.
Use Bolt of Darkness.

The Spell can fire 15 Dark magic damage to the enemy by firing a single bolt.

3. Ray Of Darkness

Another Dark Matter perk players can get in the class is the Ray of Darkness.

With the help of the Dark beam projection, players can deploy three magical damage in just a second.

Thankfully, players have the flexibility to aim and move the Spell in combat, but it slows the rate.

It might not be the greatest of the options for Tier 1, but it eventually gets the job done against weaker enemies.

4, Elderitich Shield

Another Dark spell in the Warlock class is the Elderitich Shield, which provides a shield for the target.

The shield adds a layer of protection for almost 15 seconds against the magic damage.

dark and darker dark matter
Equip the Elderitich Shield, the tier 5 spell.

When the shield is drained out, players can get an increase of 40% in damage increment in the following damage spell for four seconds.

5. Dark Enhancement And Reflection

When players cast the Dark magic abilities on the enemy, the Dark Enhancement will increase the Magical Power Bonus by 10%.

On the other hand, Dark Reflection helps to reflect Dark magic damage to the enemy if the ability is not on cooldown.

It has a cooldown period of 15 seconds, providing full scaling and a defensive approach in Dark And Darker.

The Bottom Line

Dark and Darker provides various Dark Matter abilities in the Warlock class with Dark magic casts.

However, all of the Dark magic spells or perks come in handy, so equip them after knowing the stats and outcome.

Players initially have the space of nine slots at the beginning when they don’t have the addition of knowledge and memory.

So, When players are out of the spell slots, all the skills should give a combat boost instead of being a liability.

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