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Enter The Dirty Ice Vault Payday 3: Easy Steps

The dirty ice vault in Payday 3 is one of the areas that players can loot during the mission.

Furthermore, players must overcome a few hurdles before accessing the vault and looting the area.

Payday 3 contains various heist missions for players to tackle. One of them is the Dirty Ice heist mission, where the team goes in to loot the entire Ashton Fine jewelry shop. Furthermore, players will even find various evidence of the shop’s misdoings.

Continue reading to learn about the dirty ice vault and the method to access it in Payday 3.

What Is The Dirty Ice Vault In Payday 3?

The dirty ice vault is one of the areas that players can loot during their heist in Payday 3.

However, they must deal with a few security personnel in the area before entering the vault.

The Dirty Ice is one of the heist missions in Payday 3.

During the mission, players must go into one of the diamond shops run by a family.

The business’s name is Ashton Fine, where players can choose two methods to go through the heist mission.

One of the methods is known as loud, and the other is Stealth.

The loud method makes you go directly into the shop and start gunning down people.

However, the stealth method has you go through the backdoor and use various other methods to steal the valuable diamonds in the shop.

Moreover, players can decide the method they want to use to complete the heist. Furthermore, players can even redo the mission after completing it.

In the second playthrough, they can choose to use the method they did not use before.

Furthermore, during the heist mission, it is better to loot every other area within the diamond shop before heading to the vault.

To access the vault, you must find one of the items hidden in other areas.

Thus, make sure to loot every other area before heading towards the vault to loot during the heist mission.

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How To Access The Dirty Ice Vault In Payday 3?

To access the dirty ice vault in Payday 3, players must find a few critical items before heading to the vault.

Furthermore, you will find the items while looting other areas. However, finding the items will not be enough to access the vault.

Before diving into the steps, a brief reminder that we will not be looking into how to complete the mission, but only a portion of the mission.

Thus, this article will not discuss the entire Dirty Ice heist mission in Payday 3.

Follow the steps below to access the dirty ice vault in Payday 3:

  1. First, access the basement of the jewelry shop. You can find the password to the basement from the manager’s room.
  2. Then, once inside the basement. Kill the guard, go straight and then take a left.
  3. Here, you will find a door. Enter the room from the door, and you will find a safe. Inside the safe are various documents.
get keycard from room payday3
Open the door to access the room and get the keycard.
  1. Right beside the safe, you will find a keycard. Make sure to take the keycard.
use keycard for dirty ice vault payday3
Take the keycard beside the safe in the basement.
  1. The keycard will allow players to access the vault.
  2. After obtaining the keycard, take one of the employees as hostage.
  3. Then, take them to the manager’s room. Here, shove them to the red button on the table.
use red button for dirty ice vault
Make the employee press the red button in the manager’s room.
  1. The employee will reluctantly push the button.
  2. When the employee presses the button, hurry to the vault and open it with the keycard.
  3. Then, you can enter the vault.

After you follow these steps, you can enter the vault and loot the items inside the vault for more achievements.

Furthermore, this mission also contains milestones for the amount of loot you can procure from the shop.

The vault can be a great way to hit the milestones for the mission.

The Bottom Line

The Dirty Ice mission contains multiple layers. Furthermore, the players can choose the method to complete the mission.

As a result, players have complete control over the direction of the mission.

Players can join their friends to tackle the mission but must play online.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in opening the dirty ice vault in Payday 3.

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