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Is There Any Battle Log In Illegal Entry?

Armored Core 6 is a mecha-based vehicular combat game that features various missions, a Battle Log, and boss fights.

Illegal Entry in Armored Core 6 is one of the tutorial missions that starts automatically after changing some settings.

Illegal Entry is a mission to teach players basic controls, movement options, and standard attacks. However, this mission doesn’t seem to have any Battle Log.

This article will discuss the Battle Logs and its location in Armored Core 6.

What Is Battle Log In Armored Core 6?

Battle Logs, also known as combat Logs, are the records that can be gathered after defeating enemies.

However, it can only acquire from some enemies and complete some follow-up tasks.

The enemies with the Battle Logs are tucked away in hard-to-find corners of the mission.

They are complex and more challenging than the standard enemy.

Players can also find Battle Logs by completing missions, including Destroy Transport Helicopters, Destroy the Tester AC, Attack the Dam Complex, Defeating Sulla etc.

Battle log enemy
Players must search and fight the specific enemies to get the Battle Log.

Battle Logs are divided into categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Moreover, players can start to acquire it from Mission 4 onward.

The Battle Log can be challenging and rare based on the reward they provide.

Correspondingly, collecting Battle logs rewards you with exclusive parts.

Furthermore, after obtaining all the battle logs, the player can acquire a trophy or achieve Combat Log Collector.

How To Find Battle Log?

One way to find the combat log is to ensure the mission you are currently playing has an enemy carrying the Battle Log.

However, the player will not know in the first playthrough of that mission.

To find the Battle Log, you must check the Mission Replay.

Battle Log In Illegal Entry
Players can check the Status of the Battle log by navigating to the replay mission screen.

As you check the Replay Mission, there can be anything by the “Battle Log” subtitle.

There can be three possibilities;

  • Empty: If there is nothing, the mission contains no combat log.
  • Pending: Players have not defeated the enemies within that mission who possess a combat log.
  • Completed: Defeated all the enemies who have the combat logs.

So, how can the player know if the enemies have the combat log?

Players will know when they found the enemies with the combat Log, as there will be a special icon to the left of their health and stagger bar.

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Is There Any Battle Log In Illegal Entry?

Illegal Entry is the first mission of Chapter 1 of the Armored Core 6.

Because this is the first mission players who cannot even use their AC and a default build.

In addition, players must complete some tasks with the default Ac, ending the Illegal Entry Mission.

So, there is no Battle Log in Illegal Entry.

Similarly, Mission 2 and 3 also do not have any combat Logs.

However, on other missions, players can find various Combat Logs.

Location Of Battle Log After Illegal Entry

Here are all the locations of the Battle log you can find in Chapter 1;

  • Mission 4: In this mission, the player will find the first silver battle log by completing the Destroy Transport Helicopters task.
  • Mission 5:Players cannot miss this battle log because it is obtained by completing the primary mission, Destroy the Tester Ac.
  • Mission 6: In this mission, players can find two battle logs. One by finding a tetrapod to the right of the frozen lake(silver). Another is by Destroying the AC that attacked you at the end of this mission (Gold).
  • Mission 8: You will get the Brown Combat log by defeating the low-level enemy toward the wall on the left side of the city.
  • Mission 9: At the end of this mission, you must defeat an Ac before the time limit, which gives a Gold Combat Log.
  • Mission 11: The Player can acquire a gold Battle Log in the primary objective by defeating AC by pilot Sulla.

The Bottom Line

The Illegal Entry mission is set for the new players, so the Battle Log is unavailable.

However, you can find some Battle Logs in other missions listed in our article.

To find more Battle Logs, you can check your mission description and replay the mission as many times as you like.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you and cleared the doubt on the availability of Battle Log in Illegal Entry.

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