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Balteus Cheese In Armored Core 6: A Strategy Guide

Balteus in Armored Core 6 is one of the most challenging and annoying player encounters after defeating Sulla.

However, defeating once the player uses perfect Balteus Cheese is not impossible.

Balteus cheese includes a build focused on depleting Balteus shield and gaining the advantage of using melee attacks. Also, players can use the brute force Cheese/build to defeat this boss.

This article will discuss the Balteus boss and the build/Cheese for the boss.

What Is Balteus Boss?

Balteus boss is the hardest early boss fight where players can be stuck for hours without the right build and Cheese.

Players first encounter this boss in the mission Attack of the Watchpoint.

Furthermore, Balteus appeared after the players defeated Sulla, the first Augmented Human in Armored Core 6.

Baltues cheese
Balteus is the powerful boss encountered at the end of chapter 1 in Armored Core 6.

The AAP07 Balteus is an advanced aerial mech with rockets and machine guns.

Moreover, it can easily stagger you with the barrages of missiles and quickly melt your AC with its flamethrower arms.

Also, he dealt heavy damage with the canon blast and shotgun-like burst attacks.

Furthermore, batters are not fast enemies, making them easy targets for the players.

However, it is incredibly tough-armored with its pulse shield and large health pool.

Why Balteus Is So Annoying To Beat?

There are various reasons the Balteus is so challenging and hard to beat.

One reason is that the fight with Balteus has two phases, and it gets more aggressive and new attacks in these second phases.

Also, it can be decisive during the whole battle, making it difficult for players to take him down.

In the first phase, Balteus mainly uses a barrage of missiles. These missiles will track you and can deal heavy damage when done in only one direction.

Like this attack, there are more attacks in phase one, such as Instant Missiles, Vertical/Horizontal Missiles, and shooting machines in the air.

The second phase starts when Blateus reaches around 50% health.

Then, shortly after, the boss will initiate a massive pulse wave that can deal around 4000 damage.

Additionally, the Flame slash will be changed into a double shotgun that will always be the first attack in phase two.

Furthermore, the attacks in this phase performed by the Balteus will be Diagonal Double Slash, Flaming Floor, and Flamethrower.

The fight with the Balteus does not follow the same pattern, so every time you face the boss, there will be a pattern of attacks.

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Balteus Cheese Strategy In Armored Core 6

To beat Balteus, the player must focus on the high damage output and have incredible reflexes and patience.

While you fight this boss, the main goal should be depleting and staggering the shield.

Moreover, players can damage or stagger Balteus when the shield is down.

Players must make a Cheese/Build with pulse and melee weapons such as a Pulse Gun and Pulse Sword.

The general strategy is to use a Pulse Gun to break through the shield and get close to hit with the Pulse Sword to stagger it.

In addition, use the missiles to add damage while conserving the boost while fighting at close range.

Aside from general strategy, here is some Cheese strategy to deal with its attack;

  1. Dodge the missiles where you can; however, most of the time, keep them above or below the boss that will neutralize the missile.
  2. Balteus moves across the arena, so the Assault boost and other skills to close the gap quickly.
  3. Before the boss unleashes the pulse wave, the game will give you a quick warning, so back away as quickly as you can
  4. In the first phase, Baltues uses a flamethrower that can be devastating; he goes far away from the boss and goes airborne if necessary to dodge the attack.

Best Balteus Cheese In Armored Core 6

Cheese is the best way to beat the Balteus in Armored Core 6.

The Balteus Cheese will feature the following:


  • R-ARM Unit: HI-16: GU-Q1 Pulse Gun 
  • L-ARM Unit: HI-32:BU-TT/A Pulse Swor
  • R-BACK Unit: BML-G1/P31DUO-02 or any affordable missile 
  • L-BACK Unit: BML-G1/Po3VTC-08


Medium or light armor will give you a solid AP boost without losing speed. Here is an example;

  • Head: HD-011 MELANDER
  • Core: CC-2000 ORBITER
  • Armors: AC-2000 TOOL ARM
  • Legs: LG-011 MELANDER


  • Booster: ALULA/21E
  • FCS: FCS-G2/P10SLT
  • Generator: VP-20S
Balteus build
Players can use this type of build to defeat the Balteus boss.

Players can play around with the build to find what works best.

The Bottom Line

Armored Core 6 is a game about trying, failing and making adjustments to find out what works,

The battle with Balteus is quite frantic and a great way to test your abilities to dodge and deal with multiple things simultaneously.

Therefore, defeating this boss will take more than two or three tires.

So, keep trying, have patience and eventually, you will get the hang of the battle.

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