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Stop The Secret Data Breach In Armored Core 6: How To Complete It? 

Stop the secret data breach in Armored Core 6 is a multi-layered mission where players must go through various enemies, leading to a boss fight against one of their previous allies. 

Furthermore, players must complete other side missions within this mission to make it easier to complete the mission. 

Stop the secret data breach is a sub-mission within the infiltrate mission. However, this mission contains multiple layers and players will go against one of their previous allies to complete the mission.

This article discusses stopping the Secret Data Breach mission and its completion method in Armored Core 6.

What Is The Stop The Secret Data Breach In Armored Core 6? 

Stop the secret data breach is a New Game+ sub-mission related to the Infiltrate Grid 086 mission. 

Thus, players can simply complete this during their run of the infiltrate grid mission.

Furthermore, during this mission, players can obtain other logbooks as well. 

However, during this mission, players must defeat quite a number of drones.

Also, there are other mechs within the area that players must defeat. 

Each time the players start the story after ending it once, the boss encounters become harder than before.

Not only that, players may even meet new enemies. 

Thus, New Game+ may not be the way to go for some players.

However, if players want to access the entirety of the story and experience the game’s harder content, going for New Game, New Game+ and New Game++ is a great decision. 

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How To Complete The Stop The Secret Data Breach In Armored Core 6? 

Players cannot simply start the mission and complete the secret data breach in Armored Core 6.

Therefore, Players must go through a few hurdles to complete the sub-mission. 

1. Destroy The Drones

When the mission first starts, players must destroy all the drones in the area. 

Moreover, destroying the drones will allow players to efficiently carry out other missions in the area.

The drones are present in various rooms, however, they are in close proximity to each other.

After you start the mission, head straight to the first room. 

You will find multiple drones here. Destroy each one of them before moving to another room.

Furthermore, make sure to check once before leaving the area. 

Then, head to the lower floor and then to your right, you will find another door, you will find more drones, destroy them all and then move to another room. 

You will go through a total of three rooms, each room will have more drones than the previous rooms.

After you destroy them all, you can progress with the other sub-mission. 

2. Stop The Secret Data Breach 

After you defeat all the drones, you will notice that there are other mechs in the vicinity who are trying to destroy data. 

Or rather, trying to breach the data of the mechs for their own good.

The players must make their way through various rooms in this mission. 

  1. First, the players must head to the room on the right of the second drone location. Here, they will meet more drones.
  2. After defeating them all, players will come across another armored core. Players must defeat this armored core and get to the next room.
defeat meach to progress stop the secret data breach mission Ac6
Defeat the mech to progress through a secret data breach mission in Armored Core 6.
  1. Then, in the next room, players will find three drones breaching the firewall to obtain the data. Players must defeat the drones here.
  2. However, this is not the end. The floor below the drones contains more mechs, ready to annihilate the player.
  3. Head to the floor below and defeat the mechs, On this floor, straight forward, you will see a door with the number 01.
Enter through door 01 Ac6
Head to the opening through the door with the number 01.
  1. Go through the door, and you will meet G5 Iguazu.
  2. During the fight, he will make some snarky remarks about the dam mission, however, you must defeat the mech to complete the Data breach mission.
Defeat iguazu stop secret breach in Ac6
Defeat Iguazu to complete the stop the secret breach in armored core 6.

After you defeat Iguazu, you will be able to stop the data breach completely, and you will be able to obtain a data breach battle logbook. 

Logbooks are collectibles in Armored Core 6 that can provide players with rewards for collecting them which can even be new mech parts for them to use. 

The Bottom Line

The Stop the Data Breach mission is a multi-layered mission, and players must pay extra attention to detail while completing the quest.  

Failing a mission can have consequences, but players can re-do the mission to complete it and obtain the rewards for the mission. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the stop the data breach mission in Armored Core 6. 

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