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Create Actors In Infinity Craft: Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, James Bond

In Infinity Craft, you can create popular actors like Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, James Bond etc with your creativity.

Creating actor and human is comparatively difficult than creating movies, games, things etc in Infinite Craft.

However, you can achieve it by creating smaller components that represent the actors and finally combining them.

Continue reading to find out more about how to create different actors in Infinity Craft.

Creating Dwayne Johnson In Infinity Craft

You can create the popular actor like Dwayne Johnson in Infinity Craft who is also widely known as The Rock.

The Rock is a famous Hollywood actor who played the main character in movies like Skyscraper, San Andreas, Hercules, Jumanji, Rampage etc.

Dwayne Johnson was also previously a wrestler but changed his career to acting after injuries.

Make Dwayne Johnson actor in Infinite craft
Rock and Hollywood are the two main ingredients for making the actor Dwayne Johnson in Infinite Craft.

So, to make Dwayne Johnson, the Rock in Infinity Craft you must consider these aspects of the actor and combine them.

The elements of making Dwayne Johnson in Infinity Craft are: He is known as The Rock and is a Hollywood actor.

So, the two ingredients of the recipe for making Dwayne Johnson are Rock and Hollywood.

How To Make Dwayne Johnson In Infinity Craft?

To create Dwayne Johnson in Infinity Craft, players must make elements like California, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Stone, Rock etc.

Hence, you can follow the steps below to create each component that is necessary in making Dwayne Johnson.

1. Create California And Los Angeles 

Los Angeles represents Hollywood so you must make Los Angeles the initial step for making Dwayne  Johnson.

Furthermore, you can combine America and Surfer to get California and combine Glass and Fish to get Aquarium.

Next, you must use California as the first ingredient and Aquarium as the second ingredient to get Los Angeles in Infinity Craft.

2. Create Silicon Valley In Infinity Craft

To make the Hollywood, players must combine Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

So, to make Silicon Valley, combine Pewter and Helium to get a Periodic Table.

Next, you must combine Rainforest and Jungle to get the Amazon.

Put the Periodic table and Amazon together to get Amazonium in Infinity Craft.

The Amazonium and California are the two ingredients that make Silicon Valley in the game.

3. Make Hollywood In Infinity Craft

When you combine Silicon Valley and Los Angeles in the game, you make Hollywood as follows:

  • America + Surfer = California
  • Glass + Fish = Aquarium
  • California + Aquarium = Los Angeles
  • Pewter + Helium = Periodic Table
  • Rainforest + Jungle = Amazon
  • Periodic Table + Amazon = Amazonium
  • Amazonium + California = Silicon Valley
  • Aquarium + California = Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles + Silicon Valley= Hollywood

4. Combine Rock And Hollywood

The second important ingredient in making Dwayne Johnson is Rock which is pretty simple to make.

You must combine Earth and Fire to make Lava and then combine Lava with water to get Stone.

The next step is to use Stone as the first ingredient and Earth as the second to make Rock in Infinity Craft.

As you get both of the ingredients Rock and Hollywood, you must combine both to make Dwayne Johnson.

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Water = Stone
  • Stone + Earth = Rock
  • Rock + Hollywood = Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

How To Make Tom Cruise In Infinity Craft?

You can also make other popular actors like Tom Cruise in Infinity Craft by combining elements that represent him.

Furthermore, Tom Cruise is an American actor and Producer who is known as a Hollywood icon.

So, Hollywood is indeed one of the ingredients to make Tom Cruise and the second ingredient is Scientology.

Make the actor Tom Cruise in Infinite craft
Scientology and Hollywood are the two main ingredients in making Tom Cruise in Infinity Craft.

To create Hollywood, you can follow the steps above by combining Silicon Valley and Log Angeles.

But to create Scientology, you must work a little harder and experiment with a lot of elements.

1. Create Incense And Prayer 

To make Scientology, you must make elements like Incense, Prayer, Bible, Priest, Church and Religion.

Furthermore, you must combine these elements one after another to eventually make Scientology.

You can combine Smoke and Plant to make Incense and then combine Incense with Paper to make Prayer.

When you combine Prayer with Paper you will make Bible in Infinity Craft.

2. Create Scientology In Infinity Craft

If you combine the Bible as both the first and second ingredient in Infinity Craft, you will make the Church.

Furthermore, you can combine the Church with the Priest to make Religion which is one of the ingredients for making Scientology.

When you use Religion as the first ingredient and Hollywood as the second ingredient, you can make Scientology.

3. Combine Scientology And Hollywood

To make Tom Cruise in Infinity Craft you must use Hollywood as the first ingredient and Scientology as the second one.

The simplified version of the recipe for making Tom Cruise In Infinity Craft is as follows:

  • Smoke + Plant = Incense
  • Incense + Paper = Prayer
  • Prayer + Paper = Bible
  • Bible + Prayer = Priest
  • Bible + Bible = Church
  • Priest + Church = Religion
  • Hollywood + Religion = Scientology
  • Scientology + Hollywood = Tom Cruise

How To Make James Bond In Infinity Craft?

Players can also create James Bond in Infinity Craft but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Furthermore, players must use their creativity and combine different elements to make James Bond in the game.

Make James Bond in Infinite Craft
Princess and Spy are the two main ingredients in making James Bond in Infinity Craft.

Players must make several elements like plant, steam, swamp, Incense, train, spy, princess etc to create James Bond.

Additionally, the two main ingredients to make James Bond in Infinity Craft Princess and Spy.

The simplified version of the steps to make James Bonds in Infinity Craft is in the table below:

Ingredient 1SymbolIngredient 2SymbolResult
1Earth +Water=Plant
24Princess+Spy=James Bond
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