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Remnant 2 Scroll Of Binding: Unleash The Ancient Magic

In Remnant 2, crafting materials are essential for making and upgrading weapons and armor.

Scroll of Binding is one of the crafting materials, a coveted item by which players can unlock potent abilities.

It is an ancient scroll with a harmonious composition that can help tame the untamed.

You can get the Scroll Of Binding in Remnant 2 while solving the Water Harp puzzle in Yaesha through the Flautist.

Continue reading to learn the Scroll of Binding and how to get it.

What Is Scroll Of Binding?

Scroll of Binding is one of the essential crafting materials in Remnant 2.

The purpose of the scroll is mostly to unlock the hidden potential of characters and items inside the game.

Moreover, it is an ancient scroll of harmonious composition.

Likewise, it tells the story of Pan and Ravager through a blend of music and magic, adding an enchanting element to the gameplay.

In Yaesha’s Forbidden Grove, you’ll encounter the water harp puzzle, also called the music box, that leads you to the Scroll of Binding.

Scroll of binding
Scroll of Binding is one of the essential crafting materials in Remnant 2.

Usage Of The Scroll Of Binding In Remnant 2 

The Scroll of Binding is a mighty ancient artifact in Remnant 2.

You can obtain it by completing challenging quests in the land of Yaesha.

Moreover, it has multiple uses in crafting, particularly for creating the Song of Eafir Weapon Mod for more power in your adventures.

To do so, you need just one Scroll of Binding, along with five Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scraps.

Furthermore, you can take these materials to Ava McCabe for crafting.

remnant 2 the world of yaesha
The World of Yaesha in Remnant 2.

Moreover, you can collect multiple Scrolls of Binding throughout your game.

How To Get Scroll Of Binding?

You can obtain the Scroll of Binding by solving the Water Harp Puzzle in Yaesha.

Here are some steps on how you can obtain it.

  1. First, head to the land of Yaesha and complete some quests.
  2. Look for a character called the Flautist in Yaesha.
  3. Now, play a hidden melody (1-4-0-2-5-0-3-0) to confront the Corrupted Ravager.
corrupted ravager in remnant 2
The corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 is one of the bosses.
  1. Then, show your skills and defeat the Corrupted Ravager in a fierce battle.
  2. As a reward, the Flautist will give you the Hand Gun Bolt Driver.
  3. The Flautist will also be kind enough to gift you the precious Scroll of Binding.
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Advantages Of The Scroll Of Binding

Once you have obtained the Scroll Of Binding, you can use it for various purposes.

It will aid your gameplay and make the fights easier in some way or the other.

The significant advantages you will get from it are listed below:

  • Crafting Material
  • Unlocking Powerful Abilities
  • Taming Untamed Forces

The Bottom Line

The Scroll of Binding serves as an essential crafting material in Remnant 2.

Similarly, it holds the potential to tame the untamed.

Solving the Water Harp Puzzle in Yaesha can obtain this ancient artifact.

Ultimately, the Scroll of Binding is a valuable friend helping you enhance your gameplay and conquer the enemies in the game.

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