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Investigate The Cemetery: Banishers Ghost Of New Eden Quest

Investigate The Cemetery in Banishers Ghost of New Eden is the second quest of the ‘Landfall’ after Investigate the room is completed.

There are a total of sixteen quests in the game where ‘Landfall’ is the fourth quest of the game after ‘Old Acquaintance’.

The main objective of the quest is to find the ‘Spectral Mask’ and ‘Charles’ body’.

Read more to understand the quest in-depth and find out how to complete the quest.

Investigate The Cemetery In Banishers Ghost of New Eden

The main objective of the quest is to find out what happened to Charles, Antea, and Red’s friend, who called them to the frontier town.

Having been invited to investigate the supernatural curse and apply their banishers’ capabilities.

However, they learn that their friend, Charles, has died – likely because of the curse.

Investigate The Cemetery marks the second sub-quest within ‘Landfall.’

The primary objective of ‘Landfall’ is to uncover the motives behind both Esther’s actions and the lingering presence of Charles’ ghost.

This particular case is a fundamental introduction to haunting investigations and gathering relevant clues.

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Investigate The Cemetery: How To Complete The Quest?

Investigate the Cemetery is a walkthrough quest where Antea has to perform a ritual to give the ghost of her dead friend, Charles.

The quest starts after finding the unsent letter to Esther’s sister, the unsent letter gives a second hint for Esther and her intent.

Pro-tip: You will need one sea-shore candle and 3 Pyrite to perform the ritual; you will find the sea-shore candle near the Northeast part of the sea coast.

To complete Investigate The Cemetery quest, follow the steps below in Landfall Quest:

1. Go To Cemetery

It would be best to head north of the docks and then east(right) until you find a cemetery.

Further, you should use your melee attack to break the barricade and enter the cemetery.

2. Find The Ritual Spot

You should then carry on through the cemetery until you find a glowing wisp swirling around near the ground.

Furthermore, you must Inspect the patch to reveal the Ritual spot.

Investigate the cemetry banishers ghosts of new eden
Find the special mark and death place of Charles.

Antea will have to perform the ‘Harkeing’ ritual to reveal an echo or a memory of the lingering ghost, Charles, before he died.

The memory reveals that when Charles tried to fight off the curse, he was faced with a mysterious ghost that killed him.

This will give a second hint of Charles and reveal his intent.

3. Ressurect Charles

You should collect the half-buried bible from the spot where Charles died in the cemetery.

Head east of the cemetery to find Charles’ grave; it will have a very bright lantern in front of it

Inspect the grave to perform another ritual, the ‘Make-manifest’ ritual, to summon the ghost of Charles using his Bible.

Explore all the primary dialogue options to uncover Charles’ insights about the curse and the ghost.

Furthermore, Antea will then start to banish the ghost of Charles.

After the banishment of Charles’ ghost, the cutscene prompts Red and Ester to try to stop Antea from banishing the ghost.

However, she ascends, giving the ghost of Charles a peaceful rest.

Investigate The Cemetery: Completion And What’s Next?

From this point, you just need to follow the objectives: escort Esther back to her house and join Red at New Eden Schoolhouse to rest.

When you wake up the next morning, the quest, ‘Landfall’ will have been completed and the new quest ‘Death to the Dead’ will commence.

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