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Discover Tailoring And Invoker’s Mantle In WOW

WOW is planning to release a new patch note that brings massive changes to classes and professions.

Moreover, this patch will redesign different aspects of the game by adding new items like Invoker’s Cord and Invoker’s Mantle.

In the WOW Season of Discovery, new items like Invoker’s Cord and Invoker’s Mantle will be added in the upcoming update for the tailoring profession. However, players must wait until this update reaches their server region.

Continue reading this article to learn about Tailoring and Invoker’s Mantle in the WOW.

Introduction To Tailoring In The WOW

WOW is an open-world RPG that includes many skills and professions in the world.

Similarly, one such skill is called Tailoring which allows players to craft into different armors and cloaks.

Additionally, these crafted items provide a boosted stat effect to players if they equip them.

Official post about Invker's Mantke in WOW
The official community manager of WOW talks about the new Invoker’s Mantle in WOW.

However, they are also capable of making normal accessories like shirts and armor without any combat value.

Also, the Tailors will receive new craftable recipes in the upcoming update, as confirmed by their official post.

The Community Manager of WOW confirmed that these new items will drop in the next update. 

Currently, players can craft more than 200 items in the game, with more additions on the way.

Therefore, the online WOW community is excited as they are getting new additions of gear and spells.

What Is Invoker’s Cord And Mantle In WOW?

There are many items in WOW that players can use in their battles or day-to-day activities.

Similarly, WOW is releasing a new update patch that adds two more items to the game. They are:

  • Invoker’s Cord
  • Invoker’s Mantle

However, players must note that these items are only accessible by tailors, as it is a Tailoring Skill.

Hence, players can actively craft these two items after reaching a high level in the Tailoring.

Moreover, these items provide additional healing and increased spell damage to the user upon use.

Thus, it is a good option for players to craft these items instead of buying other expensive gears.

Players discussing the Invoker's mantle via a reddit thread
Players speculating via a Reddit thread that Invoker’s Mantle will likely be nerfed.

In fact, players are already speculating via a Reddit thread that these items will be nerfed because of their stats.

Therefore, players must exploit the use of these items as long as they are useful in the game.

Finally, players can get their recipe from Borya in Orgrimmar or Elynna in Darnassus after the new update.

The Bottom Line

The Invoker’s Cord and Mantle are two new item additions that the Tailors can craft after the update.

However, players must have a good knowledge of Tailoring to attain these items in the game.

Finally, they can visit the online forums or official Discord channel to learn more about these items.

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