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How To Complete The Great Crates In WoW?

Great Crates is one of the interesting quests in World of Warcraft(WoW).

You will find this quest at the east of Amirdrassil inside a hut.

The “Great Crates” in WoW is a weekly quest where you need to turn in Shipments of Goods to Eran’nda, found in a hut east of Amirdrassil, and reap the valuable rewards it offers in the World of Warcraft universe.

This article discusses about the Great Crates and how to complete this quest in WoW.

The Great Crates Quest In WoW

The Great Crates is a weekly quest in the World of Warcraft.

However, this is an optional quest, so you can choose to accept or decline it according to your preferences.

great crates wow
The Great Crates quest is one of the interesting quests.

Your objective in this quest is to turn in Shipments of Goods to Eran’nda.

Eran’nda is a night elf in the Central Encampment in the Emerald Dream.

Moreover, players find this quest to be extremely confusing and are unable to progress through it.

Steps To Complete The Great Crates In WoW

Follow the given steps to complete the Great Crates in WoW:

1. Go To Amirdrassil

Find Amirdrassil in your game map and hover around it to search “Great Crates”.

Click on it, and you will reach the Amirdrassil, where you will find this quest.

amirdrassil map wow
Click on Amirdrassil from your game map.

Further, head towards the east, and behind a tree, you will find a small hut.

Inside the hut, you need to look for Eran’nda, the supplies supplier.

Moreover, Eran’nda will provide you with weekly quests to make in total five shipments of goods.

2. Accept The Quest And Interact With Vashonir

Inside the hut next to Eran’nda, you will find another character, Vashonir.

In this quest, you must pack one shipment of goods with Vashonir.

vashonir hut crates wow
Interact with Vashonir and Eran’nda inside the hut.

Moreover, choose one of the supply crates from your list, where each of the crates corresponds to a different profession.

You can choose the item from your list that you want to make the shipment for.

shipments crates wow
Choose an item that you have to make a shipment.

Left-click on the Reagent option to choose the item, and after choosing the item, click on Create.

Therefore, after you get the shipment, turn it into Eran’nda by clicking on the continue button.

By completing any combination of the six shipment options six times, you can successfully complete the quest. 

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Rewards From The Great Crates Quest

Players will receive very handy rewards after completing the Great Crates quest in WoW.

quest complete
Click on the complete quest and claim your rewards.

Some of the essential rewards that you will receive are as follows:

  • Plump Dreamseed
  • Dream Wardens
  • Dragon Isles Supply cache

After you complete this quest, you will also start another one named Crate of the Arts.

However, this quest is very similar to the Great Crates, and you can easily complete it after you’ve learned the Great Crates.

The Bottom Line

The “Great Crates” quest in World of Warcraft (WoW) is an exciting weekly quest found east of Amirdrassil inside a hut.

Furthermore, the objective is to turn in Shipments of Goods to Eran’nda, a night elf in the Central Encampment.

While some players may find this quest confusing, following the above-mentioned will help you complete it and earn useful rewards.

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