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Ghul Invoker In RS3: Location And Regalia Outfit

Runescape 3(RS3)  just added some new characters into the game and the Ghul Invoker is one of them.

Players are very confused about how to encounter this character as there is limited information about him.

To meet this character, players must visit a Soul Showdown promotion event where they can interact with him.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Ghul Invoker and its location in Runescape 3(RS3).

Who Is Ghul Invoker In RS3?

Ghul Invoker refers to the not-playable character(NPC) that players can explore in RuneScape 3.

Players can find this character in the game at East of the Burthorpe lodestone next to the Soul Reaver.

This character was first added to the game cache on 22 Jan 2024 and updated to the game on 25 Jan 2024.

Furthermore, this character has one of the important roles during the Soul Showdown promotion.

During the Soul Showdown promotion, the Ghul Invoker allowed players to access the Death’s Vault shop.

Ghul Invoker RS3
The exact in-game appearance of Ghul Invoker In RS3.

Additionally, this character is used to showcase the Ghul Invoker Regalia Outfit in the RuneScape 3.

As Ghul Invoker is an NPC in the game players will not be able to control this character.

Additionally, players can usually have conversations with Ghul Invoker but they are not attackable.

Ghul Invoker does not have a useful function but it can provide interesting conversation and access to Death’s Vault.

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Location Of Ghul Invoker In RS3

There are various locations in the game so finding the Ghul Invoker is quite difficult if the location is not clear.

hence, to find and locate the Ghul Invover players must know about its exact location in the game.

Players can find Ghul Invoker characters in the game at a place called Burthorpe.

Moreover, Burthorpe is the new base of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard as well as the residence of Prince Anlaf.

After reaching the Burthorpe players must search for Burthorpe lodestone.

Location of Ghul Invoker In RS3
The green marking displays the exact location of Ghul Invoker in RS3.

Furthermore, the Burthorpe lodestone is part of the Lodestone Network in Burthorpe.

Now, players can find the Ghul Invoker at the east of Burthorpe lodestone next to the Soul Reaver.

Therefore, players must head to the green marking displayed on the image above to reach this character in the game.

How To Get Ghul Invoker Regalia Outfit?

In Runescape 3, players can collect different costumes for various characters from the shop.

Similarly, players can get the Ghul Invoker Regalia costume during the Soul Showdown promotion.

This specific type of Treasure Hunter promotion features Necromancy as a theme.

Additionally, players must access the death vault shop with treasure hunter keys to unlock this outfit.

The table below displays all the information about the Ghul Invoker Regalia Outfit.

NameGhul Invoker Regalia Outfit
CurrenciesDeath's Sigil, Rasial's Sigil
ShopsDeath's Vault, Rasial's Vault
Takes Priority OverTurban, Robe, Gloves, Boots
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