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What Is 1fichier And Is IT Safe?

1fichier is a file hosting and service-sharing website where users can upload, keep and share their files using the cloud.

The France-based Company came to reality in 2011 and is owned by website operator DStorage.

1fichier is an online file-hosting website that allows us to share files anywhere and is generally safe to use. Moreover, it offers unlimited temporary storage with up to 300GB per file.

Like many online systems, stealing personal information and invasion of privacy has become one of major concerns of people.

1fichier offers feature like an online file-hosting service to share and secure our files in cloud storage.

Continue reading to learn what 1fichier is and if it is safe to use.

What Is 1fichier?

1fichier is an online platform that provides cloud-based file hosting and sharing services, enabling users to upload and securely store their files online.

Users can upload their files to access them anywhere with an internet connection.

1fichier logo
1fichier is an online platform that provides cloud-based file hosting and sharing services.

The platform also allows users to share their files with others by providing them with a unique link or by setting specific permissions for each file.

They also provide a premium account with quicker download speeds, unlimited storage space, and the ability to upload up to 50 GB.

However, other ways exist to access premium features without subscribing to a premium account.

1fichier is a direct competitor of other cloud service providers like Mega, Media Fire, and Dropbox.

Is 1fichier Safe?

1fichier is relatively safe to use and is not considered fraudulent.

According to the file-hosting service, the files on its server are uploaded by its users. However, Keeping the files private or publicly available is entirely upon the users.

Moreover, DStorage claims that it has no insight into the files that its users upload or their decision to keep them private or public.

However, they say that experts have determined that the majority of the data stored on its servers, approximately 80%, is not publicly accessible.

Regarding the website’s safety, many users and professionals have tested the site to find any malware and parasite tests.

One user scanned the website using Sucuri, an online malware scanner and concluded it to be malware-free.

Moreover, according to WOT, the website security score for is 85%, and it is legit.

1fichier website security score
1fichier website security score is 85%.

However, like any other online platform, there is always a risk of potential security breaches or malware attacks.

Moreover, to keep your account and data safe on 1fichier, you should use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and be careful when downloading or uploading files.

It is also essential to make sure that any files you upload or download do not contain any malicious code or copyrighted material.

Nintendo Vs. DStorage

There has been an ongoing lawsuit with Nintendo and DStorage regarding the claims of pirated content.

Nintendo initially took legal action against Dstorarge after it ignored copyright notifications demanding it removes illegal copies of Nintendo games hosted on its 1fichier service.

The Judicial Court of Paris ultimately ruled in Nintendo’s favor, ordering Dstorage to pay the Mario maker €935,500 in damages.

Even though Nintendo won the 5-year lawsuit battle, the war is not over.

The Bottom Line

In summary, there was a legal battle between Nintendo and DStorage over claims of pirated content hosted on the 1fichier service.

As for the safety of using 1fichier, independent tests have shown the site to be free of malware and parasites.

Generally, 1fichier is a safe platform for uploading, storing, and sharing files.

If you take appropriate precautions, 1fichier can be a secure and practical option for hosting your files.

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