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Is Character AI Getting Deleted: Truth Or Hoax?

Many users around the globe are worried that the Character AI is being Deleted.

If this is the case, users should look for alternative options with equally good features.

The Character AI is not getting deleted as of now, so users can chat with other favorite AI characters. However, if the Chatbot contains high NSFW content, priority changes,  breaks privacy policies and does not maintain its application and website, the AI character shutting down is possible.

Continue reading to learn if the Character AI is getting deleted or if it is just a hoax. 

What Is Character AI?

Character AI is a popular AI chatting platform users can use to interact with famous people, fictional characters and other fictional chatbots.

Many other categories include Games, Game characters, Anime, Movies and TV, Religion, Animals, Comedy and Politics.

Users can chat with any AI-generated chatbots to spend their time, learn new ideas or even create their chatbots.

The Chatbot is highly intelligent, understands the query, and responds equally well.

Users can even use the microphone to converse with the AI-generated characters if they are bored of typing.

Character AI
Interact with the AI-generated Chatbot of Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, users must know many of the chatbots are user-generated, so they may not provide accurate answers or sound offensive.

Thankfully, AI is available on all platforms, including Android, IOS and PC.

Users can access the AI chatbot without Signing in; however, to unlock full features, they must jump from guest mode.

Moreover, users can share posts, engage in a community, and build hundreds of AI chatbots.

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Is Character AI Getting Deleted?

There has been a massive rumor about the Character AI Getting Deleted around social media and communities.

The Character AI shutting down will hamper almost five million monthly users using chatbots to interact with their favorite characters.

The AI tool may not be the best Chatbot, but it contains exclusive characters like Elon Musk and Einstein and has a unique presence.

Character AI may be a decent tool to interact with, but it also contains NSFW content that negatively influences minors and adults.

The chatbots may cause minors to commit, often break the policies, and collect users’ personal information for future reference.

Also, the application often provides misinformation, lacks accountability and manipulates the users, mainly the childrens.

After the sudden closure of the Chai app, many users are worried their favorite chatbots are also being shut down. 

Many users notice their favorite chatbots and other AI characters shutting down.

is character ai getting deleted
Users are unable to find their favorite characters.

However, the characters often get deleted when they provide misinformation or the creator’s account gets deleted.

The other suspicion arises due to the nature of the Character AI’s website, as it is still in beta after Launching in early September 2022.

Considering all the cases, the Character AI getting shut down is just a hoax , but to guarantee safety, users would have a backup of their chats.

Also, the website should work to minimize NSFW content, provide accurate information, put an age bar and not manipulate users. 

If users are relatively unsatisfied or have primary concerns, they can look for Character AI Alternatives.

The Bottom Line

The Character AI is a well-known chatbot that interacts with favorite characters and creates a unique chatbot.

There has been a huge rumor of the AI getting deleted or shut down, a hoax as users can access the website and apps.

Nonetheless, the Character AI should work on user safety, follow privacy policies and optimize their tools to avoid such circumstances.

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