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Top 7 Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

Do you enjoy bringing your digital Character to life with Character AI but despise its slow server issue and updates?

Character AI alternatives include Kajiwoto, Kuki, Cleverbot, LivePerson, Chai App, Tavern AI and Replika, which offer similar conversational AI with sometimes custom avatars.

While Character AI is an excellent service, it is always good to have alternatives.

Read on to discover what unique features you can enjoy with the best Character AI alternative.

What Is Character AI?

Character.AI or Character AI is a neural language model that allows generating of human-like text responses.

Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, former developers at Google’s LaMDA, developed it.

However, it is popularly known for generating contextual conversation typical to the Chatbot and interacting with many AI-generated Characters.

Launched in 2022, users worldwide have created over 2.7 million Characters within the platform.

Character AI alternatives
Character AI provides access to all the features within the homepage.

It uses an AI system that generates digital avatars based on user input.

Further, it allows chatting via text, images, or other media.

Some unique features of Character AI include the following.

Character creation toolsUse tools to create characters, such as choosing physical features, clothing, accessories, and personality traits
Natural Language processingGenerate text-based characters, using NLP to understand and respond to user input
Emotion recognitionIt helps to recognize and simulate emotional responses in characters based on user input or other stimuli
Behavioral modelingSimulate character behavior to model and predict the actions and decisions of characters
Interactive storytellingIncorporate elements of interactive storytelling, branching narratives, and other interactive experiences
Avatar integrationIntegrate with social media platforms, gaming platforms, etc

How Does Character AI Work?

Character AI is based on the same GPT model advocated by OpenAI.

It analyzes the input sequence of words and generates new texts based on the input.

It is powered by billions of parameters, transformer architecture, and reinforced learning to provide contextual responses.

Additionally, it is trained on a large amount of data that includes a corpus of written text such as articles, blogs, and research.

Character AI conversation
Character AI is based on the same GPT model advocated by OpenAI.

However, the model is based on the older version of GPT, GPT-2, which is quite limited in providing the latest information.

Nonetheless, it does the part of a conversational Chatbot very well.

Millions of users use the app daily to interact with others using their digital avatars.

Why Look For Character AI Alternatives?

Although very helpful and popular, Character AI is not free from limitations.

Many users are critical of Character AI for the following issues.

1. Lack Of Originality

The Characters it generates or simulates may lack originality or uniqueness.

However, these may feel generic or formulaic.

2. NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Character AI is very particular about using their API to use NSFW filters, such as nude images, which may keep niche audiences away.

However, many people try to bypass Character AI filters, which is unethical and illegal.

3. Technical Limitations

Character AI apps may have technological limitations, such as slow processing speeds or long queues.

It is due to high traffic and can limit their usability or accessibility.

Top 7 Character AI Alternatives To Use

Here are a few popular Character AI alternatives similar to or even better than Character AI.

1. LivePerson

LivePerson is a popular conversational AI platform designed for customer engagement for individuals and businesses alike.

It primarily enables businesses to communicate with their customers using live chat, voice, and messaging.

It has a conversation copilot, helps agents reduce their workload, improves productivity, and increases customer satisfaction.

LivePerson offers features for creating avatars and chatting with customers through various channels, including web and mobile chat, messaging apps, and social media.

Here is how LivePerson differs from Character AI.

LivePersonCharacter AI
It is a customer engagement platform designed for businesses and individuals.It is targeted at artists and animators, who want to create 3D characters quickly and efficiently using AI.
It offers Chatbots, real-time chat, co-browsing, and screen sharing.It offers features such as character creation, simulation, and animation tools for artists and animators.
It is available in various platform across devices.It is solely used as a desktop application.
It is a paid platform.The Beta app is free to use.

2. Replika

Replika is an AI-powered solid Chatbot designed to replicate your style to stimulate human speech.

It has complex neural networks and scripted dialogue; it can strike a unique conversation each time.

Like Character AI, Replika allows you to create digital Characters or avatars.

However, it does not prevent NSFW like Character AI, which has helped it amass over 2 million active users.

Moreover, it features a mood-tracking feature that allows users to track their emotions and receive personalized support and guidance.

Replika AI can generate customized activities, exercises, and meditations based on your mood to help the user feel better.

Here is how Replika differs from Character AI.

ReplikaCharacter AI
It is a conversational AI platform designed to simulate human-like conversations, learn from user interactions, and provide emotional support.It is a conversational platform for creating and simulating 3D characters using AI and machine learning.
It is is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed through a mobile app or web browser.It is also cloud-based, but it is primarily used as a desktop application.
It does not experience slow response time, server issue, or long queue.It is liable to experience slow response in free plans.

3. Kajiwoto

Kajiwoto is a conversation platform or a personal AI companion.

It lets you chat and interact using your favorite Characters, such as Loki from Marvel or Mario game Characters.

You can use datasets and skins (appearance) from the free library.

You can also create datasets/skins or buy and sell them on the marketplace.

Powered by robust GPT technology, it can generate human-like conversations.

More importantly, it allows you to manage and edit your AI prompts, which is very helpful in powering a Chatbot for customer engagement.

Here is how Kajiwoto differs from Character AI.

KajiwotoCharacter AI
It is a conversation AI that allows creating custom characters or skins for individual business use alike.It is a conversation AI that works as a desktop application for individual use.
It allows integrating to different social media apps, like Discord.It does not allow integrating with different apps or platforms.
It allows NSFW texts and also allows editing text prompts.It does not allow editing or managing text prompts.

4. Kuki

Kuki is an award-winning AI brain designed to engage in human conversations, solely designed as a Chatbot,

The users can create personalized conversations with an AI-powered virtual assistant and simulate human-like conversations.

Like GPT technology, it is heavily dependent on semantic cues to build the knowledge set.

It interprets conversations and learns by breaking down phrases into two parts, the ‘core’ and ‘wild card,’ to build up conversant vocabulary in thousands of categories.

Therefore, it is enabled with a million potential responses, which ensures unrepeated conversation.

It also provides valuable material to train corporate Chatbots.

Here is how Kuki differs from Character AI.

KukiCharacter AI
It can identify specific objects, also play games and do magic tricks.It is only a conversational AI Chatbot.
It offers features such as weather forecasts, jokes, news updates, etc.It does not focus on additional features.
It can be integrated with various platforms such as Messenger, Slack, and WhatsApp.It does not allow integrating with social media apps.

5. Cleverbot

Cleverbot is an AI-powered Chatbot that simulates human-like conversations using NLP and machine learning algorithms.

Starting as an experimental AI project in 1997, it became one of the oldest Chatbots.

It uses an extensive database of conversation history to generate responses by retrieving past answers and is based on a natural language processing model.

Therefore, you can rely on its accuracy and human-like responses.

Moreover, you can integrate it with various platforms to make it available across different devices and platforms.

Here is how Cleverbot differs from Character AI.

CleverbotCharacter AI
It is designed to provide engaging and interactive conversation experiences for users.It is designed to create personalized virtual avatars that can communicate and interact with users.
It allows users to remember previous conversations and save conversations for later.It allows users to create personalized virtual avatars with unique traits.
No need to log in as you can engage with the chatbot on the go.It requires a log in before engaging with the Chatbot.

6. Tavern AI

Tavern AI is unlike Character AI; it does not create avatars for conversations but focuses on creating conversational Chatbots.

The users can communicate with Chatbots through text-based interactions and customize them with unique personalities and traits.

Chatting with characters in TavernAI
You can chat with Characters in Tavern AI.

It uses NLP algorithms to understand and interpret user input (text or voice command).

Additionally, it allows the generation of relevant and contextually appropriate responses.

You can access the in-app analytics and insights into user behavior and conversation.

This can be a valuable tool for businesses to track customer engagement.

Here is how Tavern AI fares with Character AI.

Tavern AICharacter AI
It is designed to provide engaging and interactive conversation experiences using Chatbots.It provides personalized virtual avatars that can communicate and interact with users.
It can automate certain tasks and processes, such as customer support inquiries or lead generation.It does not allow automation for customer engagement processes.
It can be integrated with social media and conversation apps.It cannot be intergrated with social media or conversation apps.

7. Chai App

Chai is an AI-powered Chatbot app that provides conversational experiences to smartphone and desktop users.

It was developed by Hyperconnect, a South Korean tech giant focusing on creating AI-based communication technologies.

Like Character AI or GPT technology, it uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms,

These algorithms make user input easy to understand and interpret to generate human-like responses.

However, it does not provide an option to create custom avatars.

Nonetheless, you can integrate the Chai App into different social media apps.

Further, use it for customer engagement, scheduling appointments, and setting reminders.

Here is how Chai App differs from Character AI.

Chai AppCharacter AI
It is designed to provide engaging and interactive conversation experiences for individuals and businesses.It provides personalized virtual avatars that can communicate and interact with users.
It can automate certain tasks and processes, such as customer support inquiries or lead generation.It does not allow automation for customer engagement processes.
It can be integrated with social media and conversation apps.It cannot be integrated with social media or conversation apps.
You can switch between multiple accounts and use it as mobile or web app.It is only available as a desktop application with no feature to switch between multiple accounts.

The Bottom Line

Interactive conversational AIs, like Character.AI, are the future and will lead most human conversation engagements.

However, you will likely encounter an issue of slow loading of Character AI due to many different problems.

Nonetheless, you can always choose the Character AI alternatives to satiate your various AI conversation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Character AI Showing “This Character Is Unavailable To Chat?”

The Character AI showing the message “this Character is not available to chat” is expected due to security issues and sometimes bugs, glitches, and maintenance issues.

However, you can solve this issue by running a quick diagnosis and solution.

Why Is Character AI Uptight About NSFW?

Character AI has always been strictly against NSFW content on its platform and prevents users from having graphic conversations.

However, a subscription plan unveiled by the Company allows users to engage in NSFW conversation by simply toggling the feature.

Continue reading to discover Character AI Plus and whether it allows NSFW.
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