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Is ChatGPT Best For Humans?

ChatGPT is a Chatbot that makes human-like conversations and answers various questions on various topics. 

This AI model is trained using reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). It can be used to automate tasks and make life easier for humans.

ChatGPT is best for humans as it has helped them become more productive in their daily life and with their professional work. However, its ability to teach about crime, robbery and being discriminative makes us question if it can overcome its limitations.

It has made human life a lot easier, but it doesn’t come without disadvantages.

Therefore, let’s discover whether this AI Chatbot is better for humans and some of its limitations.

How Is ChatGPT Making Human Life Easier?

We have already learned that ChatGPT is a model that generates human-like answers.

It helps automate various tasks humans perform. Automation can usually help us in fields with high customer demand.

Because of its quick performance, it can help increase customer satisfaction.

People usually argue that it can replace technical jobs like data scientists because it can help with coding issues, fixing bugs, brainstorming, etc.

Moreover, it can help organizations save costs while increasing their efficiency.

Excluding enterprise level, ChatGPT also helps humans tremendously in their day-to-day activities.

It can help us give simple cooking recipes or schedule our entire day. 

Although it has helped us on various levels, from organizational to personal life, it doesn’t come without its cons.

Continue reading to discover some best uses of ChatGPT and its surprising benefits.

Limitations Of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the best AI model, but it is not error-free. Let’s dive deeper into its limitations;

1. Argues False Information To Be True

A professor from UC Berkeley, Steven T. Piantadosi, described how the filters could be easily bypassed.

It can argue completely false facts to be accurate based on the data provided. 

2. It Can Replace Human Jobs

One of the significant disadvantages of ChatGPT is that it can replace humans from their jobs.

It can replace easily automated and technical jobs such as software engineering, data science, etc.

However, one might argue that GPT has no automated jobs converting raw information into business processes.

chatgpt positive response reddit
ChatGPT is responding that it has not been fully automated yet.

3. It Can Violate Users Privacy

Furthermore, the question of who controls the data in ChatGPT and how it is used exists.

The information on how the data is collected for ChatGPT is not made available to the public.

Therefore, this might create the issue of privacy violation.

In fact, one of the main reasons Italy has banned ChatGPT is due to privacy issues.

4. It Can Falsely Diagnose A Disease

With advancements in AI, computer-aided diagnosis was also being developed throughout the years, especially in appendicitis.

While it has helped humans in the medical field, the problem arises when it falsely diagnoses a disease

5. Bias And Discrimination

Artificial Intelligence systems are also influenced by bias from humans and discriminatory results.

Therefore, bias and discrimination on answers provided by ChatGPT is other prevailing problem.

This AI also tends to have a human-like discriminatory attitude related to gender, race, ethnicity, etc.

chatgpt negative response twitter
Steven T. piantadosi says ChatGPT is drscriminative in one of his tweets.
Discover why ChatGPT is so controversial these days and learn about the ChatGPT watermark.

6. Solely Based On Input

The answers we get from the ChatGPT are based on how we ask the questions.

Meanwhile, the AI model may give a completely different answer if we rephrase the question.

The Bottom Line

ChatGPT has limits because it is currently in its early stages of development.

Just like weapons were designed for hunting and afterward used for both positive and evil purposes, how we use and misuse an AI chatbot is entirely up to us.

Therefore, even if ChatGPT has limitations, it is here to stay and will continuously improve and develop.

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