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15 Best Uses of ChatGPT [Unleashing AI’s Potential]

ChatGPT is fun and has several practical uses to integrate into your daily routine.

Did you know ChatGPT is being rampantly adopted in claims and customer service because it substantially reduces the risk of human error and time lag?

The best uses of ChatGPT include providing virtual assistance, assisting with creative writing and translations, conducting research, and handling complex tasks such as claims support, debugging coding, playing games, and learning languages.

Therefore, this Chatbot is more than you may imagine; it has many daily applications.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best and worst uses of ChatGPT.

15 Best Uses of ChatGPT [Unleashing AI’s Potential]

ChatGPT has become a one-stop virtual assistant with its vast neural network and parameters, supervised and reinforced learning from available texts.

Like commanding a genie for a wish, you can command ChatGPT to create almost anything.

But a Genie only offers three wishes, whereas chatGPT will fulfill your limitless desires.

JDubb tweets about ChatGPT uses
JDubb tweets about ChatGPT’s best uses.

Let us look at a few compelling examples and best uses of ChatGPT.

1. Write and Debug Code

Did you know that you can create complete software using ChatGPT?

However, the software would only be a miniature version of games or applications but a robust office program.

Nonetheless, you can create, debug, and explain Codes with ChatGPT to narrow down the problem within your Code.

You can ask ChatGPT to write a block of functional Code snippets from scratch. Here is an example.

GitHub Data retrival built in Python
GitHub Data retrieval built in Python.

However, examine them before copying or deploying them in your software Codes.

In fact, it knows over 20 different programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, PHP, etc.

Similarly, you can ask the Chatbot to debug your Code and spot vulnerabilities whenever in doubt.

2. Use ChatGPT as a Linux Terminal

You can use the ChatGPT interface as a Linux terminal, a text interface, or a terminal where you input commands and check the result as text.

If you wonder, you can use complex Linux commands, create files and directories, or even compile and execute Codes.

Those familiar with Linux terminals can try different Linux commands in the ChatGPT.

Here is an example.

Using GitHub as a Linux terminal
You can use ChatGPT as Linus terminal.

3. Play Tic-Tac-Toe With ChatGPT

Did you know you can play Tic-Tac-Toe with ChatGPT?

Simply type let’s play tic-tac-toe in ChatGPT and be ready to play against ChatGPT.

Although the gaming UI is not intuitive like the computer games, you can send custom commands to direct your next move.

Here is an example:

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with ChatGPT using the same text-based interface
Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with ChatGPT using the same text-based interface.

Similarly, you can create the entire Tic-Tac-Toe program in ChatGPT itself.

As a part of language learning, it can create viable products based on any programming Codes.

You can ask ChatGPT to write the Tic-Tac-Toe Code in Python. Here is a snippet from the same.

Tic-Tac-Toe code generated by ChatGPT in Python
Tic-Tac-Toe Code generated by ChatGPT in Python.

4. Creative Writing Jobs

You can use the ChatGPT well for creating anything from essays, resume and cover letter, articles, blogs, and academic papers.

The supervised and reinforced learning model can quickly generate distinctive texts for various contexts.

If you are currently job hunting, consider creating a quick resume through ChatGPT.

You can simply input your requirements, such as the type of job applied, years of experience, special skills, etc., and the system will generate a relevant resume on the go.

Similarly, you can create a cover letter by submitting your requirements. Here is an example of the cover letter created with ChatGPT.

A sample of cover letter created by ChatGPT
A sample of a cover letter created by ChatGPT.

It also comes in handy for creating articles and essays, but creating academic papers would require scrutiny as it is likely to copy from genuine and false sources.

5. Write and Tell Jokes, Poems, Songs

ChatGPT is a wholesome content creator who can come up with anything from jokes, news pieces, inspirational speeches, songs, and poems.

Do you not trust? Here is an example: I asked ChatGPT to create a joke about love.

A joke about "Love" generatd by ChatGPT
A joke about “Love” generated by ChatGPT.

Similarly, you can command it to write original poems and lyrics as well that too in any of your preferred languages.

Here, I asked ChatGPT to write a four-line poem on “Courage” that too in Spanish.

A spanish poem generated by ChatGPT
A Spanish poem generated by ChatGPT.

Therefore, if you need anything creative, ChatGPT is your safe bet.

6. Prepare for a Job Interview

Did you know ChatGPT can help you prepare by providing assertive answers to all possible questions that might be asked in an interview?

You can use the platform to generate hypothetical scenarios to raise possible questions and their intelligent replies.

ChatGPT’s huge knowledge base and natural language learning ability will retrieve the most knowledgeable answers to any possible question.

In fact, you can use ChatGPT for both scenarios. As an interviewer, you can use ChatGPT to create unique questions.

Here is an example of the same.

A sample of questionnarires for a job interview
A sample of questionnaires for a job interview created by ChatGPT.

7. News Update

Another handy feature of ChatGPT’s creative content tool is that you can generate news pieces and updates on the go.

If you want a news piece, of any length, about any event occurring, accidents, products, etc., you can do so with ease.

Here is an example of a news piece ChatGPT generated for “Rising Covid-109 cases in a single paragraph.”

A sample of news piece generated by ChatGPT
A sample of a news piece generated by ChatGPT.

8. Create Viral Social Media Post

Like creating unique and sellable news pieces, you can generate social media posts for your marketing Campaign.

The best thing about ChatGPT is that it can generate a niche social media post about anything within your desired word limit.

Here is an example of a social media post about a kebab roll stand that recently opened in the Bronx, NY, in 50 words and 25 words simultaneously.

A custom social media post
A sample of custom social media post created by ChatGPT.

9. Get Personalized Recommendations

ChatGPT works like Google, Siri, and Alexa to provide personalized recommendations about almost anything.

You can ask it for recommendations on the nearest cafeteria, pizzeria, tourist spots, or shops.

Here is an example:

Local recommendations generated by ChatGPT
Local recommendations generated by ChatGPT.

Make ChatGPT your virtual tour guide or assistant by asking for information about the popular place you visit.

The information can range from historical background, exciting facts, and relevant details.

However, remember that ChatGPT does not retrieve the latest information, and the recommended place may not exist anymore.

10. Dictionary, Spell, and Grammar Check

Did you know ChatGPT is your go-to dictionary, thesaurus, and spell and grammar checker?

You can retrieve meanings, synonyms, and antonyms for a word existing in any language.

Here is an example:

ChatGPT giving synonym recommendation in Hindi language
ChatGPT gives synonym recommendations in the Hindi language

ChatGPT uses natural language processing technology like Grammarly to provide a quick spell and grammar check.

If you provide any sentence or paragraph to ChatGPT for proofreading, it will do so quickly and provide feedback for improvement.

However, ChatGPT is not a substitute for Grammarly, which boasts robust tools and resources focused on improving writing quality.

11. Generic or Specific Research

ChatGPT is a one-stop solution for researching almost anything.

The Chatbot provides prompt responses and assistance based on training data and programming.

If you are wondering about its information, it is limitless, so you can ask about almost anything related to academics, movies, business, history, etc.

Here is an interesting question about medieval history.

A quick summary of a historical event
A quick summary of a historical event created by ChatGPT.

Here is another question about stem cell research.

An insight about Stem Cell research generated by ChatGPT
An insight into Stem Cell research generated by ChatGPT.

12. Create Travel Planning

ChatGPT is a free travel planner that you should undertake to plan your next trip to any popular destinations or attractions.

It is pretty good at amassing information about different places and summarizing them to create a custom itinerary.

Here is an example of a custom itinerary for two days trip to Cape Cod.

A travel itinerary for Cape Cod ChatGPT
A travel itinerary for Cape Cod created by ChatGPT

Besides you can also ask ChatGPT to maximize your budget by planning a trip within limited expenses.

13. Explain Complex Topics

If Googling complex topics or reading academic papers does not give a clear understanding, you should ask ChatGPT the same thing.

However, please make a point to explain it to you in simpler terms.

For example, I asked the ChatGPT to explain momentum and gravity like I was five years old.

ChatGPT explaining about momentum and gravity
ChatGPT explaining momentum and gravity to a 5 year older

Similarly, you can ask ChatGPT to summarize any article, topic, or video you like.

14. Solve Tricky Math Questions

Are you a math geek or failing to get good grades in mathematics?

Why not ask ChatGPT to solve tricky math questions in a way you would understand?

Moreover, it shows how each equation works and gives helpful explanations, so you can learn how to solve the problem yourself.

Here is an example.

Solving the mathematical problem about a missing dollar
Solving the mathematical problem about a missing dollar by ChatGPT.

15. Language Learning and Translations

ChatGPT is equally trained in many different languages, where it can respond in the language of your choice.

You can learn a foreign language using ChatGPT’s assistance as a tutor.

Here is an example.

Translate a word, phrase, or sentence to another language with ChatGPT
Translate a word, phrase, or sentence to another language with ChatGPT.

Otherwise, you can ask the Chatbot to create sentences, articles, or poems in a foreign language.

ChatGPT creating a poem in Mandarin
ChatGPT creating a poem in Mandarin

An exciting thing about ChatGPT is its conversational skill, where it can rephrase everything in a sentence.

Some of the Worst Examples of ChatGPT Uses

As an AI language model, ChatGPT is designed to assist with various tasks, but specific uses could be considered inappropriate or unethical.

Here are some examples of the worst uses of ChatGPT:

joke created by ChatGPT about Krishna and Jesus
ChatGPT created the joke about Jesus and Krishna.
  • Engaging in phishing or other forms of online fraud
  • Generating automated spam or unsolicited marketing messages.
  • Developing bots, malicious Code, and malware for inappropriate uses
  • Cheating on school assignments and academic papers.
  • Producing plagiarized content or academic papers with inauthentic references.
  • Engaging in cyber stalking or other forms of online harassment
  • Misrepresenting the capabilities or intentions of ChatGPT to deceive or manipulate others.
hacking image chatgpt
ChatGPT can give negative answers if manipulated.

It is essential to understand that ChatGPT has the potential to be used in both good and bad ways.

Read on to learn why it is unethical to bypass ChatGPT filters.

Final Thoughts

There are many beneficial daily applications of ChatGPT, which makes it quite a useful AI tool.

In fact, you can use the Chatbot’s assistance to reduce human effort and get complex things done in the shortest time possible.

However, you must always be aware of possible fake and plagiarized information that may come your way, requiring further research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ChatGPT Results Accurate?

OpenAI ensures to provide accurate information almost all the time.

However, the Chatbot may retrieve information from sources that may be compromised, which even OpenAI may fail to monitor.

You, as a user, must scrutinize the ChatGPT responses before applying.

Is ChatGPT a Life Coach?

If you ask for relationship or life advice from ChatGPT, it will gladly offer you beneficial tips, but it is not a life coach.

It becomes your therapist if you give it the appropriate prompts, but you must carefully use them without analyzing them beforehand.

Can ChatGPT Become a Full-Fledged Developer?

Nope, ChatGPT is not a replacement for experienced developers.

Although the AI tool is trained to Code snippets from scratch, it may fail to create a complete, robust program or software.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best ChatGPT chrome extensions and ChatGPT alternatives.
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