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The Hidden Controversy Of ChatGPT Revealed!

ChatGPT is undoubtedly used by millions of users worldwide, but its authenticity is often embroiled in controversies, as opined by many experts and institutions.

The hidden controversy of ChatGPT is about the negating impact on student learning, responding to harmful instructions, and exhibiting discriminatory behavior by offering flawed or fabricated academic research and peppering academic literature.

Read on to find out why ChatGPT is considered a controversial application by many.

Why Is ChatGPT Controversial?

Did you know 1 million users used ChatGPT within five days of its launch?

It has reached hundreds of millions worldwide who use it for many different applications daily.

Although widely used by people of different ages, the AI-based Chatbot is not free of controversies, especially at educational institutions.

The Atlantic went as far as declaring that ChatGPT has killed homework altogether.

The ChatGPT has a very apt response to all the controversy surrounding the use of AI Chatbot.

Chatgpt response to controversy

Here are some of the reasons behind the ChatGPT controversy.

1. Cheating On School Assignments

The students cheating on school assignments by getting the AI to generate essays, poems, and other creative work is posed as one of the reasons for the prohibition.

The largest U.S. school district, New York City school, restricted the ChatGPT website on school devices and networks, citing that it did not help build students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

It is pretty accurate because humans create artificial intelligence to assist with different tasks but completely replace human input.

2. Fabricating Academic Research

The AI is bound to pepper, paraphrase, or even plagiarize when writing a paper for any academic research.

The exciting thing about ChatGPT is generating quick responses, which may help kick-start any idea, but drafting a complete academic paper may be a bad idea.

ChatGPT's reponse to peppering academic research
ChatGPT’s response to peppering academic research.

Therefore, ChatGPT is liable to plagiarize content because it creates one using the original sources, where the chances of publishing the exact sentences or phrases are common.

ChatGPT, based on the GPT-3.5 model, utilizes natural language processing to extract answers from documents already available on the internet. Therefore, peppering and paraphrasing academic literature does not make it unique.

3. Inaccurate And Offensive Responses

Many experts believe technology is manipulative and can become a weapon in the wrong hands.

In another interesting twist, a Colombian Judge sparked controversy by admitting to using ChatGPT to pass a judgment about the medical rights of a child with autism.

Although the decision is not cited as controversial, the judge’s conversation with ChatGPT made it controversial.

Similarly, Mahesh Vikram Hegde shared a screenshot on his Twitter where ChatGPT made a joke about a Hindu deity but refrained from joking about Muslim counterparts.

twitter screenshot
ChatGPT is making an unethical joke about god.

Although it cites the issue of bias, the problem lies in the lack of cognition of AI.

Is Using ChatGPT Ethical?

Saying using ChatGPT is unethical would be wrong because it may be subjective and depends on the user’s intention.

Using ChatGPT to complete your assignments while editing only a few words in or out of it would be wrong!

Similarly, imagine asking ChatGPT to create a report or summary about a historical event.

All it does is pick a fabricated story online and paraphrase it.

The result would be devastating because you cheated and submitted a wrongful response on a historical event.

Here is what the OpenAI CEO Sam Altman tweeted about ChatGPT.

sam altman tweet chatgpt

Remember, the AI-driven Chatbot assists with many activities but replaces human input altogether.

Therefore, misusing it to an extent where it entirely replaces your conscience would be unethical.

Otherwise, you can always use it to generate quick programming codes, prompts, and creative pieces that you can further work on to improve.

Watch the controversial video of ChatGPT below,

ChatGPT Opportunities and Challenges

Despite many limitations, ChatGPT has diverse practical applications and proven results that many users have adopted the AI Chatbot in their work.

You will commonly find Chatgpt Chrome extensions which provide access to generating the content, creating prompts, and summarizing YouTube videos.

Here is a table describing the opportunities and challenges offered by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can reinvent how students learn and teachers could teach by adopting artificial intelligence.There is no mechanism to fully introduce artificial intelligence in school/college curriculum.
It can improve students ability to solve problems at a go.It will encourage lazy students to produce and submit auto-generated work.
It can help create unique essays, articles, poems, and creative pieces from scratch.Although prompt and useful, ChatGPT responses can be biased, fabricated, or even plagiarized.
The AI chatbot can be adopted to various software and applications for quicker accessibility.The access to internet is a must for using ChatGPT as it does not have a local data storage.
ChatGPT is continuously improving its neural network and database to provide a more accurate answer.The answers are generated by A.I and machine learning model which may require a closer scrutiny.
It can generate, edit, and solve coding-related problems.It cannot replace software engineering because it lacks human cognition required for creating unique products.
Continue reading to learn some of the best uses of ChatGPT and its surprising benefits and limitations.

Final Thoughts

Did you know marketing and advertising have the highest adoption of AI with 37%, while technology and consulting account for 35% and 30%?

ChatGPT is not going away anytime soon but even might replace most menial jobs, thanks to its ever-advancing neural technology (GPT 3.5).

Recently, on March 14, 2023, OpenAI launched the GPT-4 model with additional features and improvements in the GPT-3.5 model.

You can still use ChatGPT and advocate for the same by highlighting its positive contribution to making human life more manageable.

Continue reading to learn why ChatGPT is down and how to fix ChatGPT at capacity and network errors in ChatGPT issues.
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