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Is The Minecraft Streamer Dream A Triplet?

An image of the popular Minecraft streamer Dream is going viral online where he stands next to his two apparent ‘Brothers’.

This news is spreading like wildfire as his fans believe that their Minecraft idol Dream might be a Triplet.

However, the image of Minecraft streamer Dream being a triplet is fake as it is an edited image where he stands next to his two fans. Nevertheless, his fans still believe that Dream might be a triplet as his audience is quite young.

Continue reading this article to learn whether the Minecraft streamerDream is a Triplet or not.

Start Of the Talk: Is Dream A Triplet?

Dream is a popular Minecraft streamer who has found himself entangled in many controversies and publicity stunts.

Similarly, this time Dream is the talk of the town once again as he is rumored to be a triplet.

Initially, this rumor started off on the platform X, where a user posted a picture of Dream with his two lookalikes.

Dream Triplet MEME
The picture is the origin of the Dream Triplet MEME.

Then, this image quickly took over the internet as Minecraft fans started sharing the image on social platforms.

Soon enough, this image became a meme as fans started calling the Triplet- Dream, Nightmare, and Insomnia.

This lit a candle amongst the meme community as they started distributing this image with the same title.

Initially, this act started as a little joke to slander Dream for a little bit as everyone was having fun.

However, the young fanbase of Dream bought this act and assumed Dream to be a Triplet.

Therefore, his fanbase is still conflicted to this day whether their favorite streamer is a Triplet.

Debunking The Truth: Is The Minecraft Streamer A Triplet?

To answer it shortly, No! the infamous Minecraft streamer Dream is not a triplet at all.

In fact, tracking the roots of this image led to a Snapchat story where one of his fans posted this image.

However, the original picture displays two completely random people posing next to Dream.

Hence, it is proven that all these rumors are fake as this whole situation is a result of some good editing.

Original post of Dream with fans
The origianl picture shows the Minecraft streamer Dream with two different fans.

In fact, the editor of the Dream Triplet meme even cropped out the caption “Met Dream” from the original post.

Therefore, a user edited the image to make it look real to the wider audience outside of Snapchat.

Furthermore, there is no evidence even on Dream’s official Wikipedia page about him being a triplet.

Thus, it is evident that this whole news is a hoax that was greased because of a popular meme.

The Bottom Line

Dream has always been a face of controversy in the Minecraft community which has even impacted his career.

Therefore, his fans should never jump to conclusions without performing research of their own.

As for the triplet rumor, it is nothing but a means for internet users to have some fun.

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