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Does Apple Music Replay Requires An Active Subscription?

Apple Music Replay for the year 2023 is finally here as the end of the year approaches.

Users eagerly await what Apple Music has in store for them to relive their yearlong journey.

The Replay feature in Apple Music discloses the top songs, artists, and albums listened to throughout the year. However, Apple Music Replay requires an active subscription to see your musical year review.

Continue reading to learn more if you need an active subscription to see the Apple Music Replay.

What Is Apple Music Replay 2023?

Like every year, Apple has released Apple Music Replay for 2023, allowing users to experience their musical journey.

The Replay reveals your most-played music, artists, albums, and playlists throughout the year.

Further, at the end of the year, it’s a great time to reflect on your musical taste with Apple Music Replay.

Apple Music Replay 2023
Apple Music Replay helps users to know their listening statistics for the year.

This feature serves as a summary of a whole year of music-listening experience.

Additionally, in the year 2023, there is a new option for Milestone for all the songs and artists listened to.

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Do Users Require Active Subscription For Apple Music Replay?

Apple Music Replay is an exciting feature that is available for all Apple Music users.

However, it requires an active subscription to Apple Music to see your Apple Music Replay 2023.

Users must log in using their Apple ID if they are a subscriber of Apple Music to access the Replay.

Unfortunately, non-subscribers cannot access the replay feature to see their musical recap for the year.

So, to celebrate the year in music with Apple Music Replay, you need an Apple Music subscription.

How To See Apple Music Replay 2023?

Go to the Apple Music website or mobile application to see your Apple Music Replay.

Then, on the browse tab, there is an option to play Apple Music Replay, which will play in the web browser.

Further, it’ll ask you to sign in using your Apple ID and password.

Then, after you click on jump in, it brings you back into flashbacks of the year 2023.

Additionally, you can also rewatch the highlight as many times as you want.

Apple Music Replay requires active subscription
Users can replay their 2023 with Apple Music Replay and rewatch it.

As you scroll down, it’ll show the Top most artists for 2023 from the artists you’ve listened to.

Likewise, there is a section for the Top Songs you played the most and a section for Top albums.

Top Playlists in Apple Music
The most popular playlists are the ones that users listen to the most.

Also, as you scroll down, there are Top genres and playlists.

Further, the playlists can include the one you made yourself or have been listening to on Apple Music.

When you reach the bottom of the page while scrolling, you can find your Replay 2023.

It includes the top 100 most-played songs of 2023 compiled together.

The Bottom Line

The Apple Music Replay allows users to experience their major music highlights for 2023.

Further, all users require an active subscription to see their replay in Apple Music.

The non-subscribers don’t have access to this feature.

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