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Explore Blighted Wishing Glass In Destiny 2

Blighted Wishing Glass is one of the drops that players can get during one of the missions.

However, getting this glass is a difficult task because it only drops from specific monsters.

In Destiny 2, players can collect the Blighted Wishing Glass as drops after defeating many bosses during the Warlord’s Ruin Quest. Players can accumulate this glass after clearing the Ruin dungeon’s bosses during the mission.

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Introduction To Blighted Wishing Glass In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has many unique bosses in the game which drop specific items according to the quests.

Similarly, the Blighted Wishing Glass is one such item that drops from bosses in the game.

In fact, players can collect the Blighted Wishing Glass during the “In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest“.

Blighted Wishing Glass
This is the Blighted Wishing Glass drop in Destiny 2.

Additionally, the game asks players to collect three such glasses before the Dark Ether Tincture quest.

Hence, players must defeat three dungeon bosses in the quest to receive three blighted Glasses.

However, it is suggested that players party up, as the dungeon bosses are very powerful.

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How To Collect The Blighted Wishing Glasses?

As aforementioned, players must partake in the Shadow of the Mountain quest of Warlord’s Ruin.

During the event, defeating these three bosses is the only way for players to collect the glasses.

However, these bosses are very tricky to defeat as players must learn about their attack mechanism.

Here are all the bosses that drop the Blighted Wishing Glasses in the game:

Rathil Dungeon Boss (1st Blighted Glass)

Rathil is the first Dungeon Boss that players encounter during the quest in the game.

However, this is an immune boss that players can only defeat by staying inside the turret range.

1st Boss For the glass
Players should defeat this 1st boss for one Blighted Wishing Glass.

In fact, players can only deal damage to Rathil after these turrets turn purple in the game.

Finally, players should repeat this process until the boss is felled and the first Blighted Glass Drops.

Locus Of Wailing Grief (2nd Blighted Glass)

Locus of Wailing Grief is the second immortal boss who is a giant Ogre with lots of HP.

However, the only way to defeat this boss is to spawn the hidden turrets by defeating enemy swarms.

Defeating 2nd boss for the glass
This is the second boss that drops the Blighted Wishing Glass.

In fact, players can spawn these turrets after killing the Minotaurs and Scorns around the map.

Lastly, players must repeat this process until they defeat this boss for the 2nd Blighted Glass.

Hefnd’s Vengeance (3rd Blighted Glass)

Hefnd the last guardian is the final boss of the dungeon which resembles a snowy fish-like structure.

Like the aforementioned bosses, it is also an immortal boss that follows a similar gimmick.

However, it spawns two minibosses that are not only stronger but also more elusive than the previous mini bosses.

last boss for the glass
Final boss drops the last glass in Destiny 2.

Therefore, players must defeat these two minibosses to spawn the turret and deal damage to Hefnd.

Finally, players can receive the last Blighted Wishing Glass after defeating this boss.

The Bottom Line

Obtaining the Blighted Wishing Glasses is the hardest part of the quest, as players must clear the entire dungeon to access them.

Additionally, all three bosses that drop these glasses are very powerful and time-consuming to defeat as a solo player.

Therefore, it is suggested that players party up with their friends to easily obtain these glasses.

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