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Is Just Answer A Scam?

JustAnswer is a website that provides online question-and-answer services and has received mixed reviews from users.

Many people are questioning about the legitimacy of the website thinking it might be a potential scam.

Just Answer is a legitimate website providing guidance to users from verified experts so it is not a scam. However, there are some concerns about the website’s billing practices and cancellation policies regarding membership.

Continue reading to learn more about and if it’s a scam.

What Is Just Answer? is a leading expert question-and-answer website where you get an answer to your question from a verified Expert.

It connects users with experts in various subjects, and users can ask questions and receive answers from these experts.

Further, there are experts from various fields such as Tax, Law, Mechanics, Medical, Electronics, and so on.

just answer is not a scam
Just answer connecting people with experts from various fields.

The website provides 24/7 access to help from thousands of verified experts.

 You can ask any question in any category and get an answer from the best expert for your question in minutes.

Similarly,  you can talk, text, or chat with the expert until you have your answer.

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Just Answer has received mixed reviews both negative and positive in different review platforms.

Some reviews claim that this website has been helpful to them to get answers to their queries.

However, there are also negative comments saying that it is a lying or fraud company.

Just answer
Users review the Just Answer website in the Trustpilot reviews.

Moreover, users are claiming that they charge an additional amount for membership than shown on the web page.

Users are receiving monthly charges in the name of membership fees that they didn’t authorize.

Additionally, when asked for a refund they tend to refuse the amount paid for the membership.

Further, some fraudulent websites claim to be real Just Answer sites and scamming people.

How Is Just Answer Scamming People?

Users have reported issues with customer service, refunds, and deducting money without authorization.

Further, they ask to pay a low amount initially and while checking out the amount is increased.

 Some users report being charged a $2 monthly fee after signing up for a free trial, and then having difficulty canceling their subscription. 

Also, JustAnswer customer service has responded to these complaints and offered to help the customers cancel their subscriptions.

However, some customers have been unsuccessful in getting help and didn’t get a refund.

just answer scam
User review about Just Answer being a scam.

Moreover, JustAnswer has a policy of charging users for their questions, even if the experts are unable to answer them. 

This also has led some customers to feel like they are being scammed.

The Bottom Line

The Just Answer website is legitimate but has unclear policies for membership fees which people feel is a scam.

So, while there may be some issues with customer service or refunds, JustAnswer is not a scam.

Users should be aware before signing up for the membership on this website to avoid any unwanted charge deduction.

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