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Pizza Hut Password Reset Not Working – 6 Easy Fixes

Is your Pizza Hut password reset process not working as expected?

Do not worry yet; many users face their fair share of password reset challenges.

Pizza Hut password reset not working is a known problem. Server-side issues can cause it, email filtering as ‘spam’ and sometimes incorrect user information or account deactivation. Furthermore, you can solve the issue by calling Customer Support or manually addressing the issue.

This article aims to shed light on the potential causes and provide practical fixes to help you regain access to your Pizza Hut account.

Causes Of Pizza Hut Password Reset Not Working

Despite being a popular restaurant chain with an online presence, Pizza Hut faces its fair share of password reset challenges.

The popular food chain’s e-commerce delivers thousands of pizzas daily, with significant users trying to access the website simultaneously.

Therefore, if you can somehow log into Pizza Hut or reset your password, you know there might be some problem with the website.

pizza hut password reset not working
The Pizza Hut website will prompt the wrong password, requiring a password reset.

However, sometimes the problem can be from your side too. Let us explore all the possibilities.

1. Incorrect Username Or Password

You may have entered the wrong username or password, resulting in a login failure.

Providing incorrect details during the password reset can prevent the system from recognizing your account.

2. Technical Glitches Or Server-Side Issues

Unforeseen technical glitches such as server outage or server maintenance, can temporarily disrupt the password reset functionality.

3. Account Suspension Or Deactivation

Pizza Hut has the right to suspend or deactivate accounts due to violations of their policies, including suspicious activity or placing fake orders.

In such a case, you could not log in or reset your password.

4. Email Filtering Or Spam

Sometimes, automated email filtering can send the reset email from Pizza Hut to your junk folder, assuming it is spam.

The reset link in the email usually remains valid until 24 hours, after which the link will expire.

The website will prompt you to generate another reset link in such a case.

6. Firewall And Cookies Cache

Although rare, the Firewall installed on your computer may block emails, including reset emails.

Other times, accumulated cache and cookies can interfere with website functionalities.

Pizza Hut Password Reset Not Working – Fixes

Before fixing the Pizza Hut password reset, understand the problem or diagnose it for different problems.

By following these steps, you will be better equipped to troubleshoot and resolve particular problems.

1. Verify Email Or Username

Start with verifying your account credentials.

As previously mentioned, you may not get the reset email if you fail to provide the correct email address or username.

Check whether your email or username is registered to the Pizza Hut website by retrieving the old email for account creation from your Inbox.

Otherwise, directly email Pizza Hut customer support for assistance.

2. Verify The Server Status

This problem is solely from Pizza Hut’s side. Visit the official Pizza Hut website and check for any announcements regarding server maintenance.

You should wait before logging in again or until Pizza Hut’s official announcement regarding the resolved problem.

3. Check Spam And Junk Folders

It may be vital to check your spam folder before trying any other fixes.

Most users end up getting reset emails in their junk while they are looking elsewhere.

  1. Open your email account, navigate to your spam or junk folder, and thoroughly search for any emails from Pizza Hut.
  2. Next, mark it safe to move it to the Inbox.
  3. Confirm the reset link and change the password.

4. Clear Cache And Cookies

Although rare, accumulated cache and cookies can interfere with website functionalities.

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies to see whether it solves the email reset problem.

Follow the steps below to clear cache and cookies;

  1. Open your Chrome browser and click on the kebab menu > Settings.
Settings option in chrome
Click on Settings in Chrome.
  1. Go to Privacy and Security and click “Clear browsing Data.”
Click on clear browsing data
Navigate to the clear browsing data.
  1. Choose Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, and press Clear data.
clear cache from chrome
Click on the Clear Data option.
  1. Restart the browser and attempt to reset the Pizza Hut password again.

5. Try Alternative Browsers

If resetting your password by clearing the cache does not work, consider switching to another browser.

Different browsers or devices may handle certain website functionalities differently; hence, it’s worth a try.

6. Disable Firewall

Consider disabling the application momentarily for users with a new device or freshly installed Firewall and antivirus.

Follow these steps to disable the Firewall;

  1. Windows users can turn off the Firewall by searching for the Firewall.
  2. Click Windows and type Firewall.
  3. Press Firewall & network protection, and go to Public Network.
  4. Toggle Microsoft Defender Firewall.

How to Reset Pizza Hut Password?

Here are a few simple steps to resetting Pizza Hut’s password.

  1. Go to and click Sign in at the top-right corner.
pizza hut password reset process
Click on the Sign In button.
  1. Click Forgot Password to proceed with resetting the credential.
pizza hut password reset process
Navigate to Forgot Password.
  1. Submit your valid email address where the system prompts, “Enter your email address to reset your password.”
  2. Click OK on the following prompt and go to your Inbox for the reset link.
  3. Click the reset link and proceed with providing a new password. Click Reset when done.
pizza hut password reset process
Enter the new password and reset it.

Voila! Now, you should be able to log in and place your orders on Pizza Hut.

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The Bottom Line

The Pizza Hut password reset issue is not new; many users flood the forum with the same problem.

Nonetheless, apply the fixes mentioned above to resolve the password reset problem.

If all else fails, contact Pizza Hut’s customer support team and explain the issue for a relevant response.

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