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Is Supercuts Scam Or Legit?

Supercuts is an app that allows you a one-tap access to your favorite salon and book your time for a haircut.

It’s an easy-to-use saloon finder that automatically generates a saloon near you after you enter your address.

According to the public reviews, many people are giving negative comments regarding this app as they used the app to book time but the saloon was closed. People also complain about the bad service of the saloon which has raised a review of Supercuts being a Scam.

Continue reading more about Supercuts and find out if it is a Scam.

What Is Supercuts?

Supercuts is a hair salon franchise with more than 2,400 locations across the United States.

The company was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1975, by Geoffrey M. Rappaport and Frank E. Emmett.

The Supercuts salons in the United Kingdom are owned and operated by the Bushell Investment Group.

They have created an app to manage the client’s time so that they don’t have to wait in queue for a haircut.

This app allows people to book a time slot according to their availability and flexibility.

Home page of Supercuts website.

Supercuts Scam: An Overview

There might be some issues with the app as people are complaining and giving it a negative review.

People are experiencing bad behavior, untimely closed Saloon, and mismatch of booked service.

This is the rating given by the customers to the store.

This might be why people follow rumors of Supercuts being a Scam and not legit on its service.

Let’s go through more about the reviews.

1. Bad Behaviour 

A customer used to visit Supercuts for the haircut cut being friendly, patient, a good tipper, on time, and do not complain.

The service charges used to treat him with no acknowledgment, appreciation, or urgency to be on time.

2. Untimely Closed Saloon

Another review is where a person complained about a closed saloon while he booked a time.

The saloon shows open in the app regardless of being closed which means the saloon was not responding.

3. Mismatch Of Booked Service

A person had booked a time of 2:30 at the Supercuts Saloon and arrived at the exact time.

When she arrived, 2 more people were waiting for their turn having a booked time of 2:30 as well.

4. Not Acceptance Of Gift Card

On the app’s About Us page, there is a description line that says that you also can use gift cards to pay.

When a customer tried to pay with a gift card, Supercuts refused and even refused to refund the gift card.

Is Supercuts A Scam?

After having a case study on the business topology, you can easily say that the Supercut might be a scam.

As for people’s reviews, if they are not providing according to their description, they a frauding the customers.

According to the government, all people should be treated equally and appreciated based on loyalty and respect.

Therefore, this might be a scam even if it is not the intensional or partial way of the organization.

The Bottom Line

Being the largest Saloon company, the lack of service has an extremely bad impact on the company’s image.

Hence, supercuts might become a scam if they continue the way of valuing customers in the same way.

Customer dissatisfaction is the main reason for the downfall of any company or organization in the market.

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