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Is Threads Legit? Legal Considerations

Meta the parent company of Facebook and Instagram recently released their next social media application, Threads.

The application is very similar to Twitter and even shares similar features. 

Threads is in its infancy period. Thus, users will come across various issues while using the application. However, the main issue is the application’s legibility. Since the application is still in its early phases, the safety issues coupled with legal issues may be something players want to consider.

Continue reading to learn what Threads is and its legal considerations.

What Is Threads?

Threads is a text-based social media application that recently debuted on July 6th, 2023.

Furthermore, users can share posts, texts, photos, links and videos with a duration of up to 5 minutes. Users consider Threads to be a contender for Twitter.

However, with similar features to each other, Threads may become the next big social media.

User makes posts and controls accessibility in Threads
A user of Threads makes various posts and controls post accessibility.

Features Of Threads App

Since Threads is a new social media platform, users are still figuring out all its features.

However, we do have a list of some prominent features that Threads has;

1. Free Of Cost

Threads do not have a subscription fee for users to access all the features. The users can access all the features easily without paying any form of money.

However, if users want to get the blue tick of verification, they need to either pay for the meta verification or show Instagram that they are a person of interest.

Except for the payment for the blue tick, users do not need to pay for any form of subscription to put up posts or other functions. 

2. User Friendly

The Threads app is user-friendly, and the user interface of the application is very similar to Twitter.

However, users will notice a few key differences when scrolling through the Threads application.

3. User-Controlled Posts

One of the best features of Threads is users can control who sees their posts and whose posts they can see.

While these features are similar to other social media platforms, the control is much better than other platforms.

4. One Account For All

Threads is accessible through Instagram and mof the time, users know that they cannot get the name they desire.

However, in Threads, users can get the same name they use on Instagram.

Furthermore, users can change their usernames on Instagram to change their names in Threads.

The majority of key features that Threads excel in are quite user-friendly, which allows a wider range of users to get into the platform.

Threads post by users
A series of Threads posted by various users.

Yes! Threads app is indeed safe to use. Since the developers for the application are the same developers from other social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Here are some safety features of the Threads app;

1. Proper Moderation

The moderation team is always looking into the posts in the Threads app that may contain possible threats or other forms of hate speech. 

This makes sure that the users are not facing Cyberbullying. 

2. Decentralized Data

Threads app uses a networking system of Fediverse/Decentralization. This allows the data to be on various servers and scatter.

Furthermore, it also lowers the chances of hackers getting access to all the data. 

The safety measures taken by the Threads app are still under research and improvements to already existing features will come in the future.

Risks Associated With Threads App

Even though the application provides a good amount of safety features, there are a few concerns with the Threads app as well. 

1. Data Access To Third-Party Applications

Threads app allows other third-party applications access to your data to improve the public posts that the users can see.

However, this does raise the concern about what data is accessible to third-party applications. 

2. Profile Information

Threads app collects the data that the users provide in their profiles.

Furthermore, this data collection can also go up to your IP address.

Thus, users who want to move to the threads application need to put this in mind as well. 

3. Collection Of Third-Party Application Usage

Threads app collects the data of the users who interact with third-party applications through the influencers in the app.

This means that the users will see more posts from users who use similar third-party applications. 

Furthermore, users should also look into the privacy policy of the Threads application before they hop onto the service.

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The Bottom Line

Since Threads is still in its infancy, users need to be extra cautious on matters of privacy and various legal consideration.

However, rather than using the application in its infancy, it is better to wait a bit and let the application improve its features and policies.

Hopefully, this article can properly inform you about the Threads app and its Safety.

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