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How To Use Threads App Qr Code Features?

Meta, the world’s most significant Social media company, recently released the Threads app.

Threads is a new social media app from Instagram designed to be a more personal and engaging way to connect with your closest friends.

Threads User cannot directly share their Qr Code with others. For this feature, users need open the Instagram profile settings and navigate to a new option called Threads. These players can use the Threads Qr Code to share their profiles with others.

Continue reading to learn What is Threads app is and how to use Qr Code in Threads; 

What Is Threads App?

Threads is the Text-base conversation app. It offers a more private and intimate communication experience than Instagram’s main app.

Furthermore, Threads is a mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android. However, there is currently no desktop version of the app available.

This app, built on the foundation of Instagram, which already has billions of users, is the first to rival or potentially surpass the existing app Twitter.

In addition, Users can sign in to Threads using their existing Instagram account, eliminating the need to create a new username and password.

This makes it easy for users to start with Threads and connect with their friends immediately.

However, users can’t use thread accounts without Instagram.

Is Qr Code Feature Available In Threads?

Qr Code is the Feature that lets the users add friends and share media files like photos and videos.

Moreover, Threads allows user to keep their account private and public, follow friends, family and celebrities, and build a network similar to Twitter.

Unlike Twitter, Thread has the Qr Code Feature to share their profile with others.

However, The Threads App does not allow users to generate QR Codes directly.

How To Use Threads App Qr Code Features?

Threads App Qr Code Features help users to Download the Threads app and share profiles with close friends.

However, users must navigate to the Instagram app to use the QR code because they have linked their Instagram and Thread accounts.

Steps to generate and use the Qr code In Threads;
  1. First, open your Instagram profile. You can click the image on the bottom right corner of the Instagram application.
  2. If you are using the desktop version, you can simply click the Profile button on the left-hand corner of the website. 
Navigate to profile page
Tap on the bottom left profile on the menu.
  1. Afterward, go to the menu by tapping the top left corner button on the mobile. On the desktop, you can navigate to the Thread profile.
Tap the Threads Icons
After navigating to the profile page, tap the Threads Icon
  1. Then, got to the Threads page on mobile. On the desktop, You navigate to the Thread profile and tap the QR code at the bottom of the screen.
How To Use Qr Code In Threads App
Tap on the Threads Option to open the Qr Code
  1. After you tap in the Threads, it shows you the Qr code with additional info on mobile.
How To Use Threads App Qr Code Features?
Users can see the Qr code at the bottom of the screen on the desktop.
  1. You have to Click that Qr code on the desktop to Scan it.
Qr code in mobile
This is the Thread App Qr code user can get to download Thread App.

However, The developers can bring new features to Qr Code in the future, same as Instagram, like sharing the profile, adding media, and others.

The Bottom Line

Besides, the Qr Code Threads app provides other ways to follow or invite friends, including through Sms and email.

Furthermore, Threads is a relatively new app, so it’s still evolving.

However, Threads has the potential to be a popular way for users to connect with their closest friends in a more intimate and personal way.

Hopefully, this article helps you learn how to use Threads App’s QR Code features.

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