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What Is The Relation Between Threads And Fediverse?

Threads is the new social media in the block. The social media uses Fediverse as its networking system.

Even though Fediverse is not as new, the implementations are still in their infancy period. 

Threads uses Fediverse as its networking of servers. This allows the users to connect to different servers but feel as though they are connected to the same one. However, unlike centralized server systems, Fediverse seems to be a lot easier to handle. 
In this article we will explore what Fediverse is and its relation with Threads; 

What Is Fediverse?

Fediverse is a network of interconnected servers which are used for social media, blogging, file hosting and other modern web activities. 

The word Fediverse is a portmanteau from the words “Federation” and “Universe.” 

Fediverse decentralizes the servers for social media and more. Popular websites such as Netflix and Twitter centralize their data. They store their data in their own servers or rent other servers if necessary. 

This system causes users not to have full access to all the data that the users would like to look into. 

Furthermore, an example of a website using Fediverse is Mastodon, which is an alternative to Twitter. The website allows users to store their accounts on any server or even host a server of their own. 

Fediverse tree with various entities
A connection of various entities to create a Fediverse tree

However, even with this approach, every user can interact with one another easily. This approach makes it seem like every user has the same connection to the same server.

What Is The Relation Between Threads And Fediverse?

Now, the connection between Fediverse and Threads lies in the part that Meta wants to hire servers that operate through third parties. 

This portion explains the gist of the relation, however, there is more to it.

In addition to allowing third parties to operate servers, Meta also explains that in Threads, deleting a post may not delete posts in all servers. 

This means that the thread the users delete in one server can stay on other servers. However, the company did clear the fact that they will communicate with other servers to delete the post. 

With this in mind, the talk about privacy arises. While Meta may try to protect our privacy, the chances of data leaks are still higher. 

Since the servers scatter the data, the chances that a hacker can access a single server can cause a huge issue.

However, Decentralization also means not all data is available easily. But, even a minor data leak can raise a lot of issues.

Decentralization vs Centralization
Key differences between Decentralization and Centralization

Furthermore, in Fediverse, when a profile from a different server follows another account, it will display its server name.

This allows Threads users to verify who the users are properly and either follow them back or block them. 

With all this in mind, the system is still new, and the company will make improvements. Thus, most of the issues will be taken care of within the next few months or a few years at most. 

The Bottom Line

Threads is a new social media platform for various users. The platform brings new technology into the mix, however, it does raise a few concerns. 

But, with the continuous advancement of technology, Fediverse can be the next big thing alongside Artificial Intelligence. 

Hopefully, this article can give you a simple gist of the relationship between Fediverse and Threads. 

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