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Are White Colored Desks Good For Home Office?

I found the color white very subtle and intimidating. It looks pure, classy, and artistic at the same time.

However, would a white desk suit my home office perfectly? Well, I think it certainly does. 

White-colored desks can provide a professional and alluring chic look to the entire workspace. Moreover, the color white gives a harmonious vibe. A white desk placed against a light-colored wall looks astounding. 

A girl working in a white desk
A girl working at a white desk (Source: Pixabay)

You can always have a minimalist and soft-looking home office with white.

This article will discuss the advantages, including the disadvantages of white-colored desks.

Moreover, we will also provide some information about taking care of the White Desk in the Home Office. 

Advantages of Using a White Colored Desk in Home Office

A white-colored desk can give your home office a futuristic modern look.

Moreover, several advantages come along with your beautiful white working desk. 

1. White Color Reflects the Light 

Usually, the color white tends to reflect light. It will make your working area bright and delightful. Moreover, it washes away your home office room’s dull and dark vibe. 

Adding some greens to a white desk will turn out pretty fantastic. You can try putting some little potted plants on the corners, and the result will satisfy you completely.

Potted plants on a White Desk
Potted plants on a white desk (Source: Pixabay)

The white color also creates an illusion of a larger space. Therefore, using a white desk in your home office will make your deck look spacious and the whole room look.

Furthermore, the white color blends well with the natural light too. 

2. It Provides a Versatile Look 

The white color blends perfectly with most other colors. Therefore, it is considered a versatile one.

You can set up your white desk alongside the home office wall and paint the walls in different colors. Furthermore, you can also create a monochrome scheme inside your office room. 

White-colored furniture wonderfully fits with everything. If you want to change your home office’s look, you don’t have to worry about changing or re-buying the table. 

If you opt for a white-colored desk, you can have a brightly colored wall using dark colors, wallpapers, brick effects, etc.

A home office setup
A beautiful Home Office Setup (Source: Pixabay)

One of the best things about adding white-colored furniture to your home office room is that you can easily experiment with many things—that, too, without the need to replace them. 

3. Gives a Modern and Stylish Touch 

We often say our first impression is the last one. Who doesn’t want people to be impressed seeing your wonderfully set home office?

A white desk in your workspace will do the job. A white desk generally looks very stylish, chic, and modern. 

Furthermore, white is a bright and cheerful color. Therefore, it can boost everyone’s monotonous life.

It is a timeless color and by no means a recent trend in the global market. White is always considered a super elegant, classy color that never goes out of style or fashion. 

Scandinavian style working space.
Scandinavian-style working space  (Source: Pixabay)

White furniture has been trending in the business market. Since having white-colored furniture in the spotlight feels refreshing, you should also try it. 

4. Calms your Presence in the Room 

Generally, white color is considered a color that calms down the atmosphere. We also regard the color white as a symbol of peace.

Colors like light blues, whites, and greens are stress-relieving colors. 

Therefore, adding a white-colored desk to your home office will give you a calming experience. You will be able to focus on your job more than anything and take relief. 

A woman relaxing in office
Young businesswoman relaxing in her Office (Source: Pixabay)

You can also consider experimenting with the colors. Mixing up white and black colors gives a beautiful monochrome finish.

Giving a neutral color to the office room maintains the calming feel to a great extent. 

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6. Flexible and Readily Available 

The white color never goes out of fashion, and people can’t just stop loving this color. Therefore, it is readily available.

The trend for neutral colors is taking a peak; at this moment, many people are opting for white furniture. 

Moreover, you can find a variety of options for the desk. The prices too are competitive in the market. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to find one at a reasonable cost. 

White gives a basic feel and goes well with the rest of the home. Moreover, it looks sleek and contemporary for a home office.

You can use the white desk for multiple purposes if you are on a limited budget. 

7. It Provides an Excellent Feng Shui 

Several shades of white color symbolize peace and purity in Feng Shui.

White color represents a metal element, which helps activate concentration, sharp thinking, and productivity in the workplace. 

Feng Shui is the art of arranging different pieces in living spaces to create a balance with the natural world.

Yin and Yang Energy of Feng Shui
Yin and Yang Energy of Feng Shui (Source: Free SVG)

White is perfect for establishing harmony between an individual and the entire environment. Moreover, it also inspires us to see clearly and improves clarity. 

Disadvantages of Using a White Colored Desk in Home Office 

Using a white-colored desk in the home office has its disadvantages. Therefore, always consider all the pros and cons before purchasing one.

Here are a few downsides of white-colored desks;

1. It Gets Dirty Easily 

Anything white gets dirty pretty quickly. So does a white-colored desk. It can make your home office look peaceful and soothing, but that has to come with a cost. 

Accidents are unpredictable and uncertain. Therefore, they can happen in the workplace too.

You may spill a cup of coffee or drop something on the desk, and in no time, the food leaves a stain. 

Coffee stain on a desk
Coffee stain on a Desk (Source: Pixabay)

Moreover, stains are usually rigid, and it isn’t easy to get rid of them. Similarly, dust and dirt particles are visible on a white-colored desk.

Therefore, if you don’t like time to time cleaning and wiping, you should not opt for s white-colored desk.

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2. The Home Office May Look Bland 

Not everyone likes the color white. White can be too plain, bland, and tasteless for some people. Moreover, the color may not feel energetic to others. 

A white-colored desk can make your home office room look bland and too simple.

Moreover, if your walls are painted white and no other corporate colors in the Room, the result can get more boring. 

If you have a colorful personality, a white-colored desk may not be suitable for you. The home office is entirely your personal space.

Therefore, always make sure to decorate it according to your preferences. You can throw in various colors for the furniture and make them match your personality. 

White themed Home Office
White-themed Home Office (Source: Pixabay)

Tips to Keep your White Desk Clean 

As mentioned earlier, the color white easily attracts dust and dirt. Furthermore, it is challenging to get rid of stains from the paint.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to keep your White Desk clean

  • Keep the desk out of direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.
  • Use a soft microfibre cloth to clean the desk regularly.
  • Make sure to prevent your white-colored desk from any spills and stains.
  • Wipe off the smudges and fingerprints from the desk as soon as possible.
  • Avoid keeping too many supplies on the desk at the same time.

Best White Desk For Home Office in 2022

There are plenty of options available for white-colored furniture in the market. You can purchase suitable Desks for your Home Office according to your preference.

Consider looking at the table below to get some idea about the best white desk for the home office in 2022. 

Desks Features Images
Ikea Micke Wood DeskSimple and stylish, solid wood, clear texture, beautiful and easy to clean, strong bearing capacity.
Tvilum Desk with DrawersAdds function and style to your living room or home office
Four drawers and one fixed open shelf
Tangkula Computer DeskBig enough to put necessary office supplies, modern appearance, easy to clean
Tribesigns Computer DeskNaturally matches most interior design schemes, perfect for your home or workspace


The color white never goes out of style. Moreover, it gives a clean and professional look.

Therefore, you can purchase a white-colored desk for your home office without any doubt.

However, make sure you maintain proper cleanliness and do not let the table catch any dust. 

You can never go wrong while experimenting with white color  It provides a very classy and elegant vibe that instantly creates a good impression.

A white-colored desk in your office will provide a fresh and simple look. Fur her more; the white desk can work well with any interior design scheme. 

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