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Janitor AI Keep Crashing – 7 Easy Fixes

Janitor AI is an AI chatbot that provides various fictional characters to chat with, including NSFW, SFW and many more.

Moreover, it lets users create a character based on their requirements and chat with them.

Janitor AI keeps crashing for several reasons, such as unavailable API keys, the Janitor AI server being down, device issues, etc. However, with the proper guidance, these issues can be solved. 

It’s annoying when the Janitor AI site keeps on crashing. Let’s look closer into what crashes and what are fixes to the Janitor AI.

Why Does Janitor AI Keep Crashing?

Recently, the news of the crashing of the Janitor AI is frustrating many users. Let’s look at the factors crashing the Janitor AI down.

  • API keys
  • Maintenance and Updates
  • Device Issue
  • Network Issues
  • Down Server
  • Account Issues
  • Browser Issues
  • Outdated Version

Janitor AI Keeps Crashing – 7 Easy Fixes

The factors crashing the Janitor AI are listed in the above section.

Fixing those issues will help one return to the Janitor AI’s website. 

1. Setup API keys

API Keys are essential things to set up while using Janitor AI.

Depending on the user’s needs and priorities, you can customize the Chatbot’s behavior and reactions using the API key.

Therefore, it is a must to set up an API key to relish the features and services of Janitor AI.

Janitor AI crashing
You should provide an API key to Janitor AI to access it.

After you set up the key, the site will run smoothly without interruption.

Continue reading to learn how to set up a reverse proxy in Janitor AI.

2. Check Your Network 

There is a high possibility that the network you’re using interrupts you from launching the site. 

Ensure you’re connected to the network; all the required cables are connected to the port.

Similarly, if you’re using mobile data, check its speed. However, for the WI-FI user, you can try many online tools to check your internet speed, such as Ping Web and Tool.

Ping web tool checking internet stability
Ping Web tool checking the stability of the internet connection.

3. Update The Browser

Besides network issues, the browser may be crashing Janitor AI’s site. Whatever, but the browser you’re using is out of date.

An outdated browser restricts you from browsing any new features and sites. Therefore, ensure the browser you’re using is up to date.  

Furthermore, you can click the ellipsis button > Settings > About Chrome to update the browser.

In addition, refresh your browser and relaunch the site.

Check for updates chrome
Check for updates in Chrome for new features

Additionally, don’t forget to clear the cache on your browser, as it interrupts while loading any site.

  1. Click the ellipsis button > Settings > Privacy And Security.
select privacy and security clear browsing data
You can clear browsing data under the privacy and security option.
  1. Select the All-Time Option > Clear Data.
select all time tick cookies and other site data cached images and files clear data
Select the checkbox and clear the data.

4. Check The Subscription

As we know, Janitor AI comes with a paid subscription.

One cannot enjoy the features and services of the Janitor AI without its subscription, therefore make sure you have a subscription.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the pricing option on the left.

This shows you the subscription plan of Janitor AI; pay as per the plan. Finally, your Janitor AI runs smoothly.

Pricing option
Click on the Pricing option to know about the price.
Continue reading to discover Janitor AI billing and its token and character limit.

5. Update And Maintenance

The Janitor AI sometimes goes through the updates and maintenance required for the platform.

However, these under maintenance can cause the server to go down and not allow users to access the service.

For this, you simply need to wait with patience for a few moments and try loading the site once.

Continue reading to fix failed to fetch Janitor AI and discover some top Janitor AI alternatives.

6. Check The Device

Clearing the device’s cache and storage is necessary, like the browser cache. You should permanently delete all the cache files on your device.

Additionally, if your device runs out of storage, it restricts you from running the site on your browser. Follow the steps below to delete:

  1. Press the window key + R on your device.
  2. Type the prompts; temp, %temp% and prefetch serially.
Type prefetch to clear the cache on your device.
  1. A window pops up; press ctrl + A > shift+delete. These steps help you clear the cache on your device.

7. Check The Server Status

Moreover, beyond the updates going on, it may be possible that the Janitor AI server is down. If the server gets down, it restricts you from loading into any device.

So, search on the Google bar to ensure the server is not down. 

Moreover, try the Downdetector to check its server. The site will launch once the server is operated. 

Downdetector helps you check the server status of the Janitor AI.

The Bottom Line

Before processing any solution, it is necessary to detect the actual issue with the Janitor AI.

Importantly, you shouldn’t violate the terms and conditions of the Janitor AI which may ban you from the site.

Hopefully, the contents of this article helps you fix your issues.

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